Man claims group encountered ‘Bigfoot lair’ 7-years ago in California woods

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Must watch video may yield evidence of Sasquatch

By Lexi Morgan

BLUFF CREEK, Calif. (INTELLIHUB) — It all started when a man by the name of M.K. Davis and his two friends took a trip into the mountains “about 7 years” ago in search of the infamous Sasquatch. The men documented their adventure on film.

According to Davis, when the group arrived to the area many wildfires were burning about. Firefighters were everywhere, crawling the forest in attempt to extinguish the fires.

Davis’ group had permission from the “Forrest Service” to enter the area and were welcomed by a few of the firefighters.. In fact soon after arrival Davis’ group was escorted by firefighters about “twenty-five miles” back into the forest to the “Patterson film site”.

When the men arrived at their destination, Bluff Creek, it was all “overgrown”, fires were still burning close by. Nevertheless the men then started to explore out of curiosity.


Shockingly one of the group’s first findings were numerous “tree breaks”, places where small trees have been snapped off half way up the truck by force, which caught their attention, later prompting a second trip.

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“To make a long story short”, Davis said, on the second trip “we found a [Bigfoot] lair”, complete with a “deer carcass […] where the bones had been snapped open and the marrow had been sucked out”. There were even “fresh tracks”.

“There were tracks pretty much everywhere inside this layer”, said Davis.

“We felt like we were in the presence of Sasquatch”.

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