Man in military fatigues shook down by police then let go on night of 1 October shooting

Police were suspicious of a man dressed in full camouflage who was carrying a fully stuffed backpack on the night of the 1 October massacre.

A man dressed in military fatigues carrying a fully stuffed backpack was detained by police on the night October 1, 2017, just hours after the gunfire directed at Route 91 Music Festival concert-goers had ended but was then let go soon after.  

The man can be seen on Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer-worn body camera footage proned out on the ground as skeptical officers interrogate and search him.

“Are you armed?” One officer askes the man. “What branch are you with?”

The unarmed man told police he was doing some “recruiting” and happened to be in the vicinity of Mandalay Bay at the time of the attack.

Officers on scene took the man’s information, including phone numbers, his nickname, and the name and phone number of his superior who they were unable to reach via phone.

Police set the man free with his belongings moments later.


“Thank you for your service,” one officer told the man.

It’s unclear if the man’s backpack was searched.

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