Man who caused scare at Nevada Trump rally listed in Wikileaks emails?

Registered Republican possibly hired by Clinton campaign to disrupt Trump rally and potentially bring harm to Donald Trump

Update: The author of this article reported that the man who disrupted the Trump rally was listed in the “Podesta emails,” however the author made a mistake and meant to report Wikileaks emails in general. (i.e. the man’s name appears on Wikileaks website)

RENO (INTELLIHUB) — Austyn Crites, 33, was released by authorities with no charges after Crites purportedly interfered with U.S. Presidential Nominee Donald Trump’s speech during a Trump rally Saturday.

Although it was reported that at least two people in the crowd saw Crites with a ‘gun,’ authorities maintain that no gun was ever found.

But that’s not all — the suspect Austyn Crites, was listed in the Wikileaks emails as seen below and somehow has ties to the Clinton camp.

16786_Copy of Full list at BN 01212011.xls (Wikileaks)

Why would this guy have a connection to the Clinton campaign and what was he up to at the Nevada rally?

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