(INTELLIHUB) — Paul Manafort and Donald Trump associate Roger Stone appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson on Friday where he said as many as 12 of his associates have been both subpoenaed and questioned by the FBI which is currently seeking to obtain evidence of “foreign espionage” over what the political operative says “is a scandal that makes Watergate look like a second-rate burglary.”

Stone maintains the scandal is merely a “witch hunt” aimed at draining him financially in an effort to eventually force him to testify against President Donald Trump.

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The highly astute political strategist told Tucker that the whole fiasco has already cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars and even threatens to bankrupt him which Stone says “is exactly the point.”

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“The seek to drag your name through the mud and to ruin you financially,” he explained.

For the record, Stone told Fox News that he has “absolutely positively” never worked with a foreign government which he has already reported ad nauseam.

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