Mandalay Bay surveillance and security expert tells 1 Oct. investigators a rooftop video camera was disabled on night of shooting

A rather vital rooftop video camera went dark during the 1 October shooting which raises more questions than answers

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — A surveillance and security expert who has worked at Mandalay Bay for 14-years told investigators of the 1 October shooting that a rooftop security video camera an a camera in the mall area were disabled at the time of the shooting and that the timestamps may be up to 30-minutes off.

The MGM employee showed up at work around 9 a.m. the morning after the massacre where he was tasked with checking the Pelco System video camera footage.

“My first priority was checking […] cameras,” he sated to police. “So my main concern was usually we have roof cameras that are usually typically to always lose video. So, I proceeded to go check on cameras in our Pelco System and one of the rooftop cameras [was] out at the time.”


The employee told investigator that that particular camera would have been “vital” for security to see.


“[…] it happened to be out,” the techie explained. “It faces east […] which happened to be the front.”

Featured Image: Mark Kent/Flickr
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