Manhunt for real life “Rambo’ police killer ensues

Man Dressed like Rambo shoots and kills 3 cops, still on the loose

By Shepard Ambellas

MONCTON, Canada (INTELLIHUB) —  Justin Bourque, 24, an armed a dangerous cop killer outfitted like Rambo, is still on the loose and Canadian authorities have failed to locate him.

In fact, the man was reported to have shot and killed 3 police officers and wounded two others in a rampage Wednesday.[ref]Canadian cop killer manhunt raises questions about gun control[/ref]

According to Nine MSN:[ref]Canada in massive man-hunt for cop killer[/ref]

Scores of Canadian police are scouring the woods in the eastern province of New Brunswick, hunting for a man believed to have shot dead three officers and wounded two others in a brazen attack.

Residents were told on Thursday to lock themselves up inside their homes in Moncton, the province’s largest city as police searched for the alleged shooter, 24-year-old Justin Bourque, who was described as armed and dangerous.

“Stay home, stay safe. If you cannot get home, seek out a friend or family and remain there until you are advised otherwise,” Moncton Mayor LeBlanc said.

At this time authorities are worried as these type encounters don’t happen often in Canada.