Pastor David Manning of Atlah on Intellihub Radio

(INTELLIHUB) — In less than two weeks, one of the most historic trials in America will take place in New York City. The “Obama / Columbia Treason Trial”. This trial has been put together by Pastor James David Manning of the ATLAH Worldwide Ministries in New York and begins May 14th-19th. About 80,000 people or more are anticipated to attend this historic event. Marches will take place around NYC during the five day trial. Pastor Manning is urging that everyone possible attend the marches and demonstrations around Columbia University May 14-19th.

The Intellihub will be offering coverage of the trial directly from NYC, we will be one of the alternative media outlets chosen to cover and document this historic event in American history. Please tune into Intellihub Radio this Friday May 7th @ 7 PM PST/10 PM EST to listen to a full interview with updates and legalities surrounding this trial.