Marilyn Manson: The CIA wanted to recruit me when I was a younger child

Rock star admits frequencies can affect the human brain with both good and bad thoughts

(INTELLIHUB) — It’s no secret that some of those in Hollywood and the entertainment industry, in general, have ties to highly sophisticated and covert mind control programs such as MKULTRA but the question is: to what extent will the agency go to in an effort to recruit people of influence?

Foreknowledge of fame and influence?

Is it possible the CIA somehow had foreknowledge of who Brian Hugh Warner, A.K.A. Marilyn Manson, would become in the future?

The popular singer-songwriter/producer admits that the CIA tried to recruit him at a young age as his journalism skills developed.

“Me being a former journalist… I also know how to construct sentences in a way that they can’t be taken out of context,” Warner told Channel 4 News in a 2017 interview. “…that’s also why the CIA probably wanted to recruit me as a younger child, my father told me before he passed.”

Warner went on to say that he believes his father was somehow involved in “covert operations” during the Vietnam war.

“He never told me about it until he was very ill at the end,” he said.

Pro-vaccine media is just a front for the CIA

This all begs the question: why would the CIA be interested in Brian Warner unless they somehow had foreknowledge of his life path?

Additionally, Warner told Channel 4 News that he is aware that frequencies can affect the human brain in both negative and positive ways.

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