Marines land at New Jersey school as crowd cheers simulated invasion

Public conditioning for military on the streets after the collapse on full display at New Jersey school

(INTELLIHUB) — As parents, teachers, and students looked on with joy, Marines from the Special-Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force landed helicopters on the baseball diamond of a New Jersey school.

Part of Fleet Week New York 2015, the simulated invasion and landing by Marines was cheered by over 2,000 spectators in a move to further condition the public to accept the invasion of American cities by elements of the US military.

“In a scene that could have been pulled from the movie Red Dawn, the Marines of Special-Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force-New York landed on the baseball diamond of the Orange Avenue School in New Jersey. And with parents and teachers in tow smiling students adorned military hardware and toured the weapons of war,” reported Gary Franchi.

According to, Lance Cpl. Brian Howell said, “We pretty much demonstrated an assault, and it came out well.”

“We got great dispersion, and the people really seemed to like the helicopters landing and us rushing out.”


“The kids just came out, they got look at the helicopters, look at our weapons, and talk to us about the stuff that we do,” explained Sgt. Sam Osborne, a squad leader with 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment.

“My favorite part was seeing all the people coming out, and getting excited about seeing the Marines in town. I was glad to see the people getting all hyped up, and being patriotic.”

The exercise was clearly part of a larger plan to fully condition the public into accepting troops on the streets and to equate being patriotic with supporting soldiers patrolling American neighborhoods.

MyPillow CEO Michael Lindell says, "martial law" was suggested by an attorney in White House meeting notes

Over the last fifteen or so years the military has used every possible method to further condition the populace for a military takeover in the event of an economic collapse or terror attack.

From partnerships with the major sports leagues to events like Fleet Week, the American people are being led to believe troops on the streets could be a good thing.

Add in the unrest caused by police shootings and subsequent #blacklivesmatter protests and you have a portion of the population automatically not only willing to accept military rule but actively calling for it.

Although there will always be naysayers and those defending every aspect of the military and federal government, documents exposed by the alternative media in the last five years have provided undeniable proof that there are plans to us military assets domestically in the aftermath of an economic collapse or other major national emergency.

Civil Disturbance Operations

In 2012, Public Intelligence released a leaked 2005 U.S. Army Military Police training manual that provided a clear cut picture into what would actually happen when the troops were called in.

Man claims: 'There is over 7,000 deployed troops inside Washington D.C... they're on every corner'

An article published on Intellihub News detailed the plans:

“A leaked 2005 U.S. Army Military Police training manual for Civil Disturbance outlines how “military assets are to be used domestically” in the aftermath of an economic collapse or other national emergency “to quell riots, confiscate firearms and even kill Americans on U.S. soil during mass civil unrest.”

On page 20 of the manual, rules regarding the use of “deadly force” in confronting “dissidents” are made disturbingly clear with the directive that a “warning shot will not be fired.”

The manual also describes how prisoners will be processed through internment camps under the guidance of the 326-page U.S. Army Internment and Resettlement Operations manual (FM 3-19.40) prepared for the Department of Defense, which outlines how internees would be “re-educated” into developing an “appreciation of U.S. policies” while detained in prison camps inside the United States. It describes forced labor, torture, separation of families, targeting dissidents, and for “political activists” to be pacified by PSYOP [psychological operations] officers.

How far the once-great Armed Forces of the United States of America have fallen. I say that as a veteran.”

Man claims: 'There is over 7,000 deployed troops inside Washington D.C... they're on every corner'

The documents referenced above are only a small portion of the proof of plans for martial law in America and gimmicks like Fleet Week New York only serve to make these plans easier when the time finally comes to activate them.

Note: Most likely all the Marines who took part in the simulated invasion were not in on the fact that this is part of a larger conditioning process. Exposing conditioning and plans for martial law isn’t anti-American troops in particular. American soldiers are actually one of our best chances at stopping this.

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