Marines practice riot control for future American civil unrest, footage shows troops taking on protesters

Armed troops are seen confronting angry protesters in “professional news package” of riot control training released by military

By Alex Thomas

(INTELLIHUB) — Fears of a martial scenario are reaching new heights amid the massive buildup leading into Jade Helm 2015. From troops patrolling residential neighborhoods to dirty bomb simulations, realistic military drills are being seen at previously unheard of levels.

Now, footage taken in late March 2015 highlights United States Marines practicing their riot control skills, complete with angry protesters confronting a group of armed military personal. The Operational Readiness Excercise took place at the Naval Weapons Station in Yorktown, Virginia and included infantrymen and artillerymen with Golf Company and Echo Battery, 2nd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment.

Interestingly enough, the photos and video were actually released by the military itself in a move that shows that this training is actually something that they want the American people to see.

“The media production aspect of this is chilling because it shows they are doing this in full public view. They want this to be seen because they want the public to accept Marines not police conducting riot control during the coming martial law and societal breakdown,” said NextNewsNetwork founder Gary Franchi.

Releasing the footage also allows the military to then appear on mainstream media telling the public that the training isn’t a secret so don’t listen to those pesky conspiracy theorists.

Photos of the training show troops firing non lethal weapons at the protesters as well practicing other riot control techniques. The captions that accompanied the pictures also made sure to mention that the training was for overseas deployment.

riot control
riot control
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A press release that accompanied the footage included the tried and true cover story of overseas preparation.

This, despite the fact that in foreign countries the military almost always leaves controlling the population in the hands of local authorities. It also totally ignores the fact that in most footage showing military riot training role players are seen yelling things about their rights under the Constitution.

“Consider they are hypothetically operating within an embassy,” said Sgt. Andrew S. Wilbur, a non-lethal weapons instructor with the Expeditionary Operations Training Group and a native of Richland Center, Wisconsin. “Instead of going directly to use of lethal force, they’ll have capabilities, such as riot formations and non-lethal munitions, to help combat the threat of unruly crowds.”

Some participants said the 10-day training course was more taxing than they anticipated. Several Marines volunteered to play the part of angry protesters, while the rest of the Marines practiced riot-control drills taught in the course.

The sheer amount of training that has taken place in the last few years, especially this year in the lead up to Jade Helm makes comments like those given above by Sgt. Wilbur fall on deaf ears to Americans who follow alternative news sources. Add this to the fact that local police forces and the military have already declared American protesters as enemies in the past and the very real possibility of troops taking on the American people becomes clear.

“The Marines are training for riot and crowd control on American soil where Tea Partiers and Constitutionalists are constantly demonized by politicians and the media. In the event of civil unrest these same Marines could deploy this training upon Americans,” said Franchi.

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