Did the NASA Mars Curiosity rover just find proof of alien life?


NASA releases photos of mysterious light coming from an unidentified source on Mars

By Staff Writer

(INTELLIHUB) — A new photo released by NASA shows a large beam of light emanating from the ground on Mars.  The picture was taken by the Mars curiosity rover.  Many have argued that the light in the pictures are undoubtedly artificial, but NASA is claiming that there is an error with the photograph.

Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily said that “This could indicate there there is intelligent life below the ground and uses light as we do.  This is not a glare from the sun, nor is it an artifact of the photo process. Look closely at the bottom of the light. It has a very flat surface giving us 100% indication it is from the surface…..Sure NASA could go and investigate it, but hey, they are not on Mars to discover life, but there to stall its discovery.

NASA has not released a full statement but they have denied that the photo is proof of extraterrestrial life.  NASA representatives are calling this phenomena a “cosmic ray hit”.

According to Wikipedia:

Cosmic rays are very high-energy particles, mainly originating outside the Solar System. They may produce showers of secondary particles that penetrate and impact the Earth’s atmosphere and sometimes even reach the surface. Composed primarily of high-energy protons and atomic nuclei, they are of mysterious origin. Data from the Fermi space telescope (2013) have been interpreted as evidence that a significant fraction of primary cosmic rays originate from the supernovae of massive stars. However, this is not thought to be their only source. Active galactic nuclei probably also produce cosmic rays.

What do you think about the picture? Is this light proof of alien life? Or is it just a rare phenomena of photography?

(Photo: NASA)

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