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(INTELLIHUB) — Author and researcher Marshall Masters appeared on the Intellihub Podcast on Tuesday where he said the far left is planning a second attack on the White House in the near future.

Masters told Intellihub founder Shepard Ambellas that George Soros plans to overtake the White House with “masse” by directing tens of thousands of ANTIFA to storm the property possibly later this month.

“They are going to amp this up with a lot more people,” he explained. “Letting the White House burn is a strategic retreat… not so much a sacrifice.”

Masters said that if the White House were to burn Soros plans overturn the country by replacing police units and defunding police in order to create chaos on a large scale which would result in Chinese mercenaries running security.

“Americans are sitting on the sidelines,” he explained. “We have a division in the country that is so fossilized it’s like in stone… and this is going to culminate in Soros and his dream is to see the White House burn.”

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