Martial law unofficially begins in Iran’s capital city after authorities hide COVID-19 outbreak

Society starts to break down in Iran after government announces first cases of Coronavirus and quarantine

TEHRAN (INTELLIHUB) — Police and military presence in Iran’s capital city increased exponentially throughout the night on Wednesday as authorities engaged initial phases of martial law in the region after publically announcing only 6 confirmed cases of COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Kamkar hospital is on high alert.

Two-hundred patients have reportedly been released from various hospitals to make room for those who have fallen ill from the deadly virus.

Officials confirm two dead but residents fear the government is lying.

Anti-riot units were dispatched to Qom in central Iran after authorities became fearful protests would break out due to forced quarantines.

Heshmat Alavi, reporting from Iran Tweeted: “Patient possibly infected with coronavirus transferred by ambulance from Qom. Authorities claim only six patients are confirmed. Transferring a patient to Tehran could mean hospitals in Qom can’t cope with the crisis.”

Alavi reports: “Massive deployment of security & anti-riot units, including special water-cannon vehicles. This further indicates that regime officials are more concerned about a new wave of protests than the coronavirus outbreak.”


The official announcement…

Hospital under quarantine in Qom.

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