Mass exodus of children flee Mexico and Central America, U.S. Border Patrol overwhelmed

By Shepard Ambellas

Border Patrol agents silenced as America is being infiltrated

(Credit: Tomas Castelazo/Wikimedia Commons)
(Credit: Tomas Castelazo/Wikimedia Commons)

HOUSTON, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) — According to a recent report, since October 47,000 children have entered into the U.S. illegally and alone.

Moreover, it has also been reported that Border Patrol agents have been silenced over the matter and are not permitted to talk with reporters. And to make matters worse, it’s likely none of the children will be deported.

Breitbart reported:

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson implied at a press conference on Thursday that many of the children will not be deported. “The law requires that we act in the best interest in the child,” he said. “When we turn over a child to HHS, HHS acts in the best interest of the child which very often means reuniting that child with the parent in the United States. That’s what the law requires.”

It is unclear, then, how immigration laws will be enforced moving forward.

Many are concerned that by providing the migrants with shelter, transportation, meals, education, and even legal counsel, other children may be encouraged to make the dangerous trek north from Central America. Since agents on the ground are not able to give insight into the situation, the actual severity of the situation may be unknown. 

Youtuber DAHBOO7 chimed in on the subject as well, saying, “You have to remember this is a play on minds […] it’s be orchestrated”.

DAHBOO7 goes on to point out how back in May 36,000 illegal immigrants, who were also convicted criminals, were released onto U.S. soil. “What’s really taking place here?”, DAHBOO7 questions.

Interestingly, the Youtuber goes on to point out how most of the immigrants are not coming from Mexico, but rather Central America.

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