Massacre in Charleston, South Carolina as white gunmen kills 9 black church members in apparent “hate crime”, suspect still at large


Racial tension hits new heights after horrific shooting

(INTELLIHUB) — A gunman has shot and killed 9 people at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina in what the police have called a hate crime.

Longtime state senator and pastor Clementa Pinckney was among those killed after the gunman opened fire on a night-time bible study class. It is unknown how many people were at the bible study at the time of the shooting.

The suspect, who is still at large as of this writing, is described as a “a white male, 21 years old with sandy blond hair.”

The church, Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal, has a long history in the civil rights movement, having been burned down and rebuilt as well as visited by various civil rights leaders throughout the years.

Citizens near the scene of the massacre are reporting a heavy police presence as law enforcement looks to catch the suspect before any other attacks are carried out. A reward will reportedly be announced if he is not caught before the night is over.

Police have revealed that some people in the church survived the shooting but the total number has not been released.


Stay tuned for updates…

Social Media Response

The response on social media by some is to immediately blame white people as a whole and the supposed white supremacy nature of the United States.

There are sick murders every single day by all races against all other races yet there is an instant rush to attack white people as a whole within an hour of the shooting. Some are even calling for taking away ALL white peoples guns.

Some of the tweets are clearly coming from some very sick and possibly violent people.

The night wouldn’t be complete without calls to enslave and rape all whites.

There are also calls to label this as terrorism with some claiming that if a Muslim carried out this attack it would be labeled a terror attack immediately.

Certain social media commentators are literally claiming that this attack was an attempt to stop the #BlackLivesMatter uprising. These disgusting claims are being made with absolutely NO evidence.

And the calls for rioting have begun. (before absolutely an facts have been released of course!)

White people are now terrorists if they SPEAK out of turn.

This tweet is a perfect example of tonight’s all white people are bad theme.

The Soros trained hard left clearly has absolutely no problem using this tragedy for political gain.

What is perhaps the most saddening part about the response to the horrific shooting in Charleston is the complete lack of knowledge as to who the real enemies of poor people throughout the country actually are. The big banks, free trade, and all the other globalist agendas are the true enemy yet middle class white Americans are now the target.

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