Massive Fireball Rocks Homes Across Arizona

Staff Writer | December 12, 2013

A massive explosion rocked homes across Arizona, leaving some to question what is truly going on

AsteroidTUSCON (INTELLIHUB) — Bright lights and big booms startled residents across the state Wednesday night, as more meteors have been making their way to earth recently.

In fact, a local news station has received over 600 comments on the matter. Some describe the boom as a massive explosion-like blast that really shook their home. 

Tony Kubrak, a local man explained, “My wife and I and my son were sitting in the house, and we felt this absolutely tremendous explosion, I mean, it shook the windows, it shook everything in the house. I stepped outside, and had to be no more than 3 minutes later after I hear all of this, and I see this tremendous, white, bright light in the western sky. And it was just…it was absolutely enormous, I couldn’t believe it.”

We also spoke to our Phoenix affiliate, KNXV. They said they have received the same types of calls from people in the Phoenix area.

Here are agencies who told us they have no idea what the booms and lights were: Pima County Sheriff’s Department, Pinal County Sheriff’s Department, Tucson Police, Southwest Gas, Tucson Electric Power, and the National Weather Service in Tucson.”, reported KGUN9.

Some like Youtuber DAHBOO77, believe that this will “mark the beginning” of what is to come.

“You have a massive debris trail from comet Ison making its way in at the moment”, said DAHBOO77, going on to repot, “If you start to see heavy downpours of fireballs from around the 16th on, there is a good chance some of that is coming from Ison.”

Fireballs and booms have been heard across the U.S. in recent weeks adding to the controversy.

Some wonder how this connects to the NASA warning released in 2011.