Massive fish kill hits Marina Del Ray, is Fukushima radiation to blame?

A case of oxygen depletion, or much more?

By Staff Writer

Over 70,000 dead sea creatures, mostly anchovies, washed into the harbor Monday, as California Fish and Wildlife crews struggled to remove the carcases weighing tens-of-thousands of pounds, according to reports.

“The incident is likely the result of a confluence of factors, said Dana Roeber Murray, a marine and coastal scientist with the environmental group Heal the Bay”, reported

While officials say that oxygen depletion in the water is to blame, some are uncertain and are looking for answers.

YouTuber DAHBOO7 pointed out in a recent video that he is “not buying it”. “That is a lot of dead life there. They are saying this is oxygen depletion, but they can’t prove it”.

Moreover, it has been reported previously by many sources, including Infowars, that radiation from the Fukushima disaster has reached the California coast and poses health threats to human and animals in the region.