Meat crisis hits U.S. hard

Record market prices on beef and record bankruptcy levels for cattle ranchers is posing a massive problem in the U.S., says Alex Jones

By Staff Writer

Cattle ranchers are having a hard time nowadays, as inflation kicks in to the max.

“You are paying 30 bucks for a rib eye at a decent steakhouse, 40 to 50 bucks at a fancy one”, said Alex Jones on air recently, as meat prices a sky-high.

Michael Snyder writing for the Economic Collapse Blog, wrote:

Over the past year, the price of ground chuck beef is up 5.9 percent.  It would have been worse, but ranchers have been slaughtering lots of cattle in order to thin their herds in a desperate attempt to get through this drought.  If this drought does not end soon, the price of beef is going to go much, much higher.

As prices for shrimp, pork and beef have risen, many consumers have been eating more chicken.  But the price of chicken is rising rapidly as well.

In fact, the price of chicken breast is up 12.4 percent over the past 12 months.

Soon one may need a wheelbarrow load of cash to by a hamburger.

Stamps are now 49 cents as opposed to when the U.S.P.S. opened when they were 1¢. Not a good sign.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)