Media caught red-handed using dummy doll at Elmhurst ICU, selling simulation to general public as COVID-19 crisis

Mainstream media busted selling medical simulation drill as overwhelmed intensive care unit due to COVID-19


QUEENS (INTELLIHUB) — The fake corporate news media has just been caught red-handed pushing absolute lies and propaganda onto the American people selling a medical simulation as a reality, according to one YouTuber who claims the media’s staging is “not debatable.”

“That’s a doll,” the YouTuber explains. “That’s clearly a doll… If you can’t see that’s a doll there is nothing I can do for you.”

“You can see the hole in the throat here… you can see the arm joint here… you can see the hair… the sort of fake eyebrow,” he explains. “I don’t think there is anybody out there that would argue with a straight face that this is a real human being that they are showing.”

Moreover, as Intellihub reported on Monday in a piece titled Some hospitals not so busy with COVID-19 cases as media portrays, others more so:


Crowdsource the Truth Founder Jason Goodman diligently walked around the streets of Queens last week where he found little COVID-19 activity despite the fact that some 8.6 million city residents are on an extended lockdown.

Goodman is a well-respected investigative journalist who typically live streams his investigations online.

Goodman took a walk around Queens on Friday where he talked to various police, EMTs, and medical workers who could not confirm the apocalyptic scenario the mainstream media has been portraying.

During his investigation, Goodman noted a New York Times piece featuring medical simulation expert Dr. Colleen Smith who claims there’s a shortage of ventilators at Elmhurst Hospital and that bodies are stacking up in refrigerated trucks.

Although bodies may be stacking up in refrigerated trucks Dr. Smith’s story doesn’t match up with what the hospital is actually saying. In fact, the hospital is claiming that they have plenty of ventilators despite what the doctor claimed in the New York Times piece.

Goodman says at the least there must be some kind of miscommunication or disconnect between the hospital administrators and Dr. Colleen Smith’s claims.

One EMT interviewed by Goodman admitted that there has been an uptick in medical activity compared to the same time last year but also said that people have been showing up voluntarily for testing.

Moreover, the Crowdsource the Truth founder questioned why there were no visible cases at other hospitals around the city and questioned why COVID-19 patients were not being transferred via ambulance to other nearby hospitals that may be less inundated with cases.

You have been duped, people. Lied to by the MSM and your very own government.

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