The media LIED: Liberal, Puerto Rican professor destroys media lies about Trump’s Mexican comments

No Trump did not label all Mexicans as rapists – the media just purposefully misrepresented his comments to confuse you

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alexBy Alex Thomas | Email Author
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(INTELLIHUB) — Since the moment Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump announced his candidacy in June 2015 the mainstream media has dedicated every waking moment to lying about his statements, beliefs, and plans for the country.

So it should come as no surprise that the original liberal mainstream media attack on Trump was nothing more than a purposeful misrepresentation with the goal of confusing the American people about what Trump actually wants or even stands for.

While many articles have been written about the media’s misrepresentation of Trump’s comments on illegal immigrants, a recent piece in the liberal online news magazine Salon destroys the notion that Trump called all Mexicans rapists and exposes it as nothing more than a media creation.

The article, written by University of Texas at Austin professor Alberto Martinez, highlights Trump’s actual comments before detailing the purposeful spin put on them by dozens and dozens of media outlets in what many believe was a concerted effort to demonize and lie about the presidential hopeful.

Martinez starts off the article talking about a question he asked his students about Donald Trump and how the response included the statement that Mr. Trump thinks all Mexicans are rapists. Time and time again the professors students repeated what amounts to an outright lie as if it was as true as the sky is blue.

As Martinez notes, actually taking a look at Trump’s comments without purposefully l what you think he meant goes a long way in understanding what he was trying to say.

“When do we beat Mexico at the border? They’re laughing at us, at our stupidity. […] When Mexico sends its people they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you; they’re not sending you.

They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists, and some, I assume, are good people. But I speak to border guards and they tell us what we’re getting.”

“You might well dislike Trump’s words. I did. But let’s not make it worse. He did not say that all Mexicans are rapists. Yet that’s what many commentators did,” wrote Martinez.

“For example, Politico misquoted Trump by omitting his phrase about “good people.” They said he was “demonizing Mexicans as rapists.” They argued that Mexicans do not really commit more rapes in the U.S. than whites. But that’s not what Trump claimed.”

Martinez goes on to list the headlines that various mainstream media outlets came up with in response to Trump’s comments and they read like an Orwellian attempt at altering reality.

The New York Times: “Trump’s claim that illegal Mexican immigrants are ‘rapists.”

Time Magazine: “Trump’s comment that Mexican immigrants are ‘rapists.’”

Associated Press: “Trump called Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals”

CBS News: “Trump defends calling Mexican immigrants ‘rapists.’”

L.A. Times: “describing Mexican immigrants as ‘rapists.’”

Fortune: “in a speech branding Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists.”

Hollywood Reporter: “he referred to Mexican immigrants as ‘rapists.’”

Huffington Post: “He called Latino immigrants ‘criminals’ and ‘rapists.’”

The Washington Post: “He referred to Mexicans as “rapists.”

Every single one of these news outlets purposefully lied to their readers and have continued to do so after every “controversial” comment made by Trump.

“Compare such words with Trump’s words. Which is worse? Writers excerpted the phrase: “they’re rapists,” as if it were about all Mexican unauthorized immigrants, or worse, about all Mexican immigrants, or even worst, about all Mexicans. But that’s not what he said. That’s not what he meant. It was just a remark about some of the criminals crossing the border,” Martinez continued.

Before revealing key statistics that actually prove some of what Trump meant in his comments about “Mexicans”, Martinez explains, down to the last detail, what should be obvious and that is that in his comments Trump was discussing crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

Obviously it is true that some people who cross the border from Mexico are good people just as it is also obvious that some of them commit crimes, including murders, assaults, and rapes. It is equally true that NONE of these crimes would have occurred if they did not illegally enter the country in the first place.

The Statistics 

Perhaps the most important part of Martinez’s article (besides the fact that he is a liberal college professor so he wont immediately be shut down as a racist for listing simple facts) is the section that lists actual crime statistics and their relation to the comments made by Trump.

Most people who discuss immigration and especially those that continue to claim that Trump thinks all Mexicans are rapists actually have no idea how many illegal immigrants are deported each year, much less how many of them are documented criminals.

Martinez writes, “In fiscal year 2014, the U.S. deported a total of 893,238 foreigners! That’s a huge number. It includes 577,295 deported by the Department of Homeland Security, plus 315,943 deported by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Among the latter, 2,802 were classified as suspected or confirmed gang members.”

So how many of those are known criminals? Unfortunately, we do not know the true number since most criminals are not caught but Martinez highlights the statistics that we do know and they more than back up the claim that Mexico is not sending us all their “good people”.

“Still, in 2014, the U.S. deported 177,960 convicted criminals. Surprisingly, 91,037 were already convicted criminals before they even entered the U.S.”

What kind of crimes?

The Texas Department of Public Safety identified 207,076 foreign aliens who were booked into Texas county jails from October 2008 through August 1, 2014. Their term “foreign aliens” includes both foreigners who are in Texas legally and foreigners who entered illegally. They were accused of 357,884 crimes in those 70 months, including these charges: 4,413 terroristic threats, 60,973 robberies and larcenies, 6,636 vehicle thefts, 78,682 assaults, 12,869 sexual assaults and offenses, 1,113 kidnapping, and 3,089 homicides.

That includes, an average of 1,383 charges of sexual assaults per year, in Texas alone. The real number of rapes and sexual assaults is larger since many victims do not report these crimes. According to the National Crime and Victimization Survey, 2008-2012, approximately 68% of sexual assault crimes are not reported. So I estimate that foreigners commit roughly 4,000 sexual assaults in Texas each year.

As Martinez rightly notes, not one man or women would have been killed if the illegal immigrants who murdered them were unable to enter the country. This is a FACT that cannot be denied by any liberal media lie or claim of racism.

“These are not just words. Pause for a moment to think about a Texas woman whose husband was murdered one night. Think about parents who never saw their son again because he was murdered. Think of the thousands of families standing at the cemeteries,” Martinez concludes.