Media Propagandist Says That Cannabis Users “Kill Whole Families”

By John Vibes

Reefer madness is alive and well on the mainstream media

WASHINGTON (INTELLIHUB) — Media propagandist and so called “legal consultant” Nancy Grace made some ridiculous comments during a recent debate between a prohibitionist and an advocate for marijuana legalization that took place on her show.

It was obvious from the first question that Grace was not going be an unbiased moderator, immediately making false claims about marijuana being addictive.  Minutes on in the interview it got even worse, when she spoke of “marijuana addicts that wipe out entire families”.

“The reason I’m against legalization is that I’ve seen too many felonies — felonies — and I don’t mean pot sales or growing pot,” she continued. “I mean people on pot that shoot each other, that stab each other, that strangle each other, that kill whole families — wipe out a whole family.”

“The first time — there was this gorgeous lady standing in the middle of the courtroom crying, and I didn’t understand what was going on. They said she was a stockbroker. She had got addicted to pot, ended up losing her job, wrecked her car, couldn’t make her house payments on her house, so her husband got custody of the children, and now she has no house, no car, no family, nothing.”

Despite this type of propaganda in the mainstream media, many people across the country are starting to change their minds about cannabis.  Polls and surveys are conducted in different areas on a regular basis, and each week the number of people in favor of legalization continues to climb.

This change in public opinion is even forcing politicians to change face.  Just this week Obama commented about how cannabis was no more dangerous than alcohol or tobacco, yet he continues to throw people in cages for it.



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