(INTELLIHUB) — A Mexican-American made a list of the top 8 reasons that he is going to vote for Donald Trump to be the next President of the United States.

1Trump is an Anti-vaccine advocate

“At least he [Trump] straight out said that his niece got Autism from vaccines. So I like that definitely,” the young man said.

2Trump want’s to audit the Fed

The youngster pointed out how Trump supports an audit of the Fed, which is a “bold” stance.

3Trump wants to balance the trade deficits

“It makes sense to me, so I like it,” the man said.

4Trump wants to tax imports; we are getting ripped off

China and Mexico are ripping us off, Japan too. We need to tax them.

5Job, jobs, jobs; Trump would bring jobs

We would win big, Trump knows how to usher in the jobs

6Trump is not part of the Establishment

“This makes everything that I am saying good,” the man said. “He’s outspoken, not politically correct.”

7Trump is a self starter, an achiever

The young man said that he read a few of Trump’s “self help books” which he thoroughly enjoyed.

8Trump will build the wall

That’s right, if you want to come in to the United States you must do it legally.

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