OAXACA, Mex. (INTELLIHUB) — Several hours after Mexican government officials vowed to disband a caravan of hundreds of migrants who are currently marching toward the U.S. border and and planning on entering America through Baja, California, the march organizer ,Pueblos Sin Fronteras, declared the caravan would continue onward to and across the border.

Migrants could be seen collecting donations from motorists to continue their trek into the U.S.

“Mainly from Honduras and Guatemala, migrants stop at some points on the highway to ask for support from motorists and to continue their way to #Tijuana to cross to the U.S.,” one Tweet reads.

Another Tweet reads: “Central American migrants continue their way in the migrant caravan 2018 with the intention of achieving the American dream and stopped at Tapanatepec to ask for cooperation to the motorists to continue their path.”

In an unexpected twist of fate, Mexican authorities help feed the migrants.

However, the Mexican government plans to split up the caravan on Wednesday in Oaxaca but a prominent migrant organizer maintains the march will continue as promised.

On Monday, national security correspondent for BuzzFeed Adolfo Flores tweeted: “Mexican immigration authorities said they plan on disbanding the Central American caravan by Wednesday in Oaxaca. The most vulnerable will get humanitarian visas.”

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Will the migrant caravan make it into the United States?

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