MH370 family members: ‘We are not seeing any proof of crash’

Passenger’s brother: “I just wish people would measure their words a little more before saying things like that […] How can you be one-hundred percent certain?

By Shepard Ambellas

(INTELLIHUB) — Something definitely does not seem right about the Malaysian Government’s recent statements regarding the disappearance Malaysian Air flight 370 a few weeks ago. According to Malaysian officials, the plane has crashed and there are no survivors.

However, family members of passengers aboard flight 370, are simply not accepting the government’s claims that the plane crashed in a remote part of the Indian Ocean as no debris or physical evidence has been found.

Moreover, family members of the passengers protested on the streets of Beijing today as reported by the BBC’s Celia Hatton. Chinese police were said to have tried to block the protestors from reaching the Chinese embassy as they were yelling profanities directed toward the Malaysian Ambassador.

Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, the CEO of Malaysian Airlines stated that he doesn’t know if the pilots flew the plane into the ocean, but later said that it’s “unfair” that the family members are not accepting the governments conclusion that everyone is dead, raising even more suspicion that authorities know more than they are saying. When asked in a recent interview if he felt responsible enough to resign over this incident, Yahya stated, “That’s a personal decision […] We have things to do now.”

Passenger family members a saying that they “just want to know the truth” and wonder how the Malaysian officials can be so certain of the outcome.

The search area has now been shrunken down to less that 500,000 nautical miles from 2.2M.

(Image: YouTube)

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