MH370 update: Malaysian government releases 45 pages of raw satellite data revealing nothing


New satellite data reveals absolutely nothing as the MH370 cover-up continues

By Shepard Ambellas

KUALA LUMPUR (INTELLIHUB) — Tuesday the Malaysian government released 45 pages of raw satellite data regarding flight 370 which as been missing for nearly 3 months now. However, according to reports the data yields nothing conclusive, again leading family members and researchers on yet another wild goose chase.

Now, family members of the missing are once again considering to file lawsuits against the Malaysian government for negligence as so far not one shred of evidence proving MH370 even crashed exists. In fact, to the contrary, all evidence points to a early morning landing of the plane and its 239 occupants at a secretive U.S. military installation located far out in the Indian Ocean called Diego Garcia.

Moreover, it was also reported that MH370 was escorted by fighter jets before later being spotted by fisherman, flying low over the Maldives Islands, in the early morning hours headed toward Diego Garcia.

However, even after the release of the new satellite data, family members still say they have learned nothing.

Steve Wang, a representative for MH370 families said, “Only simply data means nothing”, we want a “full report”. “We will now think about the lawsuits”, Wang continued.

CNN reported:

Michael Exner, one of the most vocal experts among those calling for the release of the data, said a very preliminary review suggested that there were gaps in the notes explaining the data.

The explanatory notes at the start of the document “answer a few of the questions we have had, but leave many questions unanswered,” he told CNN.

CNN Safety Analyst David Soucie said certain key elements, which would allow independent experts to fully test the official conclusion, are missing from the data in the document.

“There’s not enough information to say whether they made an error,” he said. “I think we’re still going to be looking for more.”

As of yet the mainstream media and international authorities have failed to provide the real whereabouts of Malaysian Airlines flight 370.

(Image: Wikimedia Commons)

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