Michael Moore makes another uncanny prediction

(INTELLIHUB) — Trumpet-blowing liberal Michael Moore is at it again. The “Fahrenheit 9/11” director and political pundit has been making a number of uncanny predictions about the President-elect as of late. This time, Mr. Moore held nothing back Wednesday in a Facebook post warning: “Donald Trump is gonna get us killed.”

Mr Trump confirmed reports he has been skipping daily intelligence briefings, telling Fox News he is “smart” and doesn’t need to hear “the same thing over and over each day for eight years”. Instead, Mr. Trump said he is receiving intelligence “when I need it”. That, is what lead Mr. Moore to deliver his blistering attack on the President-elect.

“Most would agree the #1 job of the leader of any country is to keep its people safe. There is no more important meeting every day for the President than the one where he learns what the day’s potential threats are to the country,” he said.

“That Trump would find it too cumbersome or too annoying to have to sit through 20 minutes of listening to his top intelligence people tell him who’s trying to kill us today, simply boggles the mind.”

He continued his rant by saying Americans’ minds had been boggled “so many times in the past year by this foolish man no one seems that surprised or concerned.”

“Of course, our minds have been so boggled so many times in the past year by this foolish man no one seems that surprised or concerned. He can get up at 5 in the morning and send angry, childish tweets about how he’s being portrayed on SNL (“Not funny! Unwatchable!”), or belittling the local elected union leader in Indiana, but he doesn’t have time to hear about the threats to our national security.”

He compared Mr. Trump to George W. Bush who he says “lost the popular vote” and describes as being negligent in his attention to security briefings.

Mr. Moore rounded off his mini-essay with an unequivocal message to Mr. Trump about it will be totally his fault when the next terror attack strikes on American soil.

“This utter neglect of duty, a daily snub at the people who work to protect us, the first Commander-in-Chief to literally be AWOL and announcing proudly he isn’t going to change — this, I assure you, is going to get a lot of innocent people killed.”

“[…] it is YOU who will be charged by the American people with a gross dereliction of duty. It was YOUR job to pay attention, to protect the country. But you were too busy tweeting and defending Putin and appointing cabinet members to dismantle the government.”

Mr. Trump is right on his comments about hearing “the same thing over and over each day for eight years.” As we know, the U.S. intelligence community is a complete farce. They cannot be trusted or relied upon to safeguard the best interests of the American people.

Look at 9/11 for example, where the government and the military aided and abetted Al Qaeda in the carrying out of the attack which killed nearly 3,000 innocent people. The same thing happened even more recently with the San Bernadino shooting in 2015.

Mr. Trump’s anti-conventional stance is proving to be a nightmare for globalists who are striving their utmost to make him over in their image. Who says attending the same old intel briefings day by day is the most effective way to be aware of the country’s security level and the threats it faces, anyway? What is not to say that they’re deceitfully covering up the entry of illegal immigrants into the country? Why should Mr. Trump and the American people trust the intelligence community?

Caleb Stephen is a freelance journalist, independent commentator, political activist and the founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Caleb Report (Calebreport.com) He is also a contributing writer and editor of WeAreChange.org.
Caleb has written for and has articles published on world renowned websites such as World Net Daily, The Huffington Post, Intellihub, Natural News.com and Rense.com.
Visit his website calebstephen.com and follow him on twitter @CalebsOfficial.
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