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I like both gold and silver. Both have been money, real money, depending on who you ask, for anywhere from four to six thousand years. When people say something like, “that’s stood the test of time.” they should be referring to gold and silver as both have certainly stood the test of time. Ask the average person on the street if they would even accept, for free, a one ounce gold coin and most will turn it down as they have no idea what it is or what purpose it serves.

Today we use fiat dollars or pieces of plastic to conduct commerce. The pieces of paper were the first step in disconnecting people from silver and gold and began the transformation from what money is to what is accepted as money. Silver, the peoples money, is less understood than gold even though silver as money was in use far longer than gold.

The United States is pretty much done, you can stick a fork in this country, it is done, it is past tense. It is a hollowed out representation of what it used to be and the elites have pretty much decimated the country. They’re currently doing the same thing with Europe, they’re creating havoc. – Problem, reaction, solution. Michael Noonan

Michael Noonan, Edge Trader Plus and I take a look at the relationship of gold to world currencies on the surface one can see a complete disconnect. There are no gold backed currencies in use today. However, if we look at what some of the central banks around the world are doing we something quiet different happening. A lot of the Asian central banks, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Mongolia, to name but a few, are acquiring gold, lots of gold. The question becomes, why? If gold is not being used as currency why would a central bank, the banks that supply currency to the country they occupy, be acquiring gold? What purpose could this acquisition serve?

If we look a little broader, we Russia and Iran acquiring gold. These countries all have something in common – all of these countries are either a member of the EEU, SCO or BRICS. If they are not currently a member they are considered an observer nation or, equally as important, they are on the New Silk Road.

The power and influence the United States and Europe has enjoyed for the past one-hundred fifty plus years is eroding and moving East. The finances and economics are following suit. Yes, we all know “China’s economy is imploding!!!! Run for your lives!!!” Just listen to the mainstream media spew on and on endlessly about how bad China’s economy is and how it is impacting the rest of the world.

What is China? China is the manufacturing center of the world. If the manufacturing center of the world is not making products there must not be anyone buying those products!! Europe is China’s number one customer and the United States is there second largest customer. If your top two customers were ordering products that needed to be manufactured you would make them and your economy would be doing great. If these important customers are not ordering, well, you get the idea. One needs to look in the mirror to see where the real problem lies.

What will happen when China has acquired enough gold to feel comfortable backing their currency with a little? What about Russia or Iran? Then what? What if China, who will be setting the price of gold and silver, globally, within a few weeks decides the price is too low and raises it to, say $2,000 USDollars per ounce. Then what? Oh yeah, for the $2,000 you actually get gold, not a paper promise for some nonsense in the future like the COMEX and LBMA currently offer. How will this impact gold and silver once China begins, in earnest, offering physical gold for a spot price in yuan instead of dollars? Got physical?

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