Michelle Obama’s school lunches look and taste like ‘decomposed rotten prison food’, schoolkids say

Schoolkids across America are in shock that they are treated worse than prisoners

By Shepard Ambellas

(INTELLIHUB) — Shockingly the Michelle O. lunch program has gotten even worse.

In fact schoolkids liken the program to rotten “prison food”.

Not only are the meals small and disgusting, but some actually contain hollow chicken nuggets and hot pockets with absolutely no meat in them whatsoever. “Mystery meat” they call it.

Food service workers have even stated that the kids are simply just throwing their food away, it’s that bad.

It’s likely Sheriff Arpaio prisoners dine better in the “Tent City” jail

Some of the food is even moldy.

To top it all off not only are the portions way too small, but they taste like “poop”, said one student.

More mold…

Maybe someone should force-feed the First Lady and her daughters this garbage.

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