Michigan city invaded by unannounced military aircraft, gunshots, and explosions in night-time urban military training


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Unannounced live action military drills sweep city

By Shepard Ambellas

FLINT, Mich. (INTELLIHUB) — Low-flying military aircraft, gunshots, and explosions were captured on video downtown as unsuspecting residents watched and listened in surprise.

In the video you can see and hear semi-automatic rifles being fired from a nearby highrise building, possibly AK-47s, M-16s, or AR15s. Amazingly, you can hear city-folk in the background cheering and making commotion after explosions or loud booms occurred.

An eyewitness description from the person who uploaded the cell phone quality footage read:

Last night while walking in downtown Flint, MI by Churchill’s Food and Spirits, a Blackhawk helicopter flew overhead, barely above the peaks of the buildings. We noticed an ABC12 news van parked across the street and decided to see if they knew what was going on. Not long after crossing the street and talking with them the following events of this video took place.

Two Blackhawk helicopters hovered over the roof of the building across the street and soldiers rappelled into the top story windows. After a few moments, a multitude of gunshots and small explosions appeared in several windows.

Afterwards, the Blackhawks returned to the rooftop and retrieved the soldiers, flying over the large crowd that had gathered. After talking with the camera crew we discovered that this was all a part of a military urban training exercise, in conjunction with other exercises already executed in another part of the city.

The exercise lasted about 45 minutes so we apologize for some of the choppy transitions as this was a bunch of shorter videos merged together.

It’s unknown if the activity is part of JADE HELM 15 which is supposed to start July 15 in 7 states according to the military’s official flyer.

The Army is reported to be in charge of the 10-day exercise that started on or around June 1.

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