Migrants, human traffickers, storm Laguna Beach in panga boat

Chinese and Mexicans work together to infiltrate the United States via boat, storm California beach.

A group of thirteen Chinese and Mexican nationals including at least two smugglers landed on a California beach last Thursday in a panga boat where 11 of the thirteen were taken into custody by Laguna Beach Police.

Laguna Beach Police Tweeted the following message on Tuesday along with a video of the migrants storming the beach: “Laguna Beach PD, Marine Safety, and @CBP are still in the area searching on foot for additional panga boat passengers after the obtained video shows 13 individuals fleeing from the boat. Currently, 7 are detained.”

According to reports, the incident happened around 7 a.m.

City Operation Coordinator  Jordan Villwock said: “They saw two men running for the cliffs.”

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About five minutes after the migrants were spotted 7 were apprehended followed by another five who were taken into custody hours later.

One migrant remains on the loose.

Score: USA — 12, Migrants 1.

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