Miles of “private” secret tunnels located under City of Amarillo

Emergency tunnels go for miles underneath the city

AMARILLO, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) — A series of secret underground tunnels were located by a local radio station morning host who proceeded to walk through with a cameraperson to document them.

The “private” tunnels are long and go in various directions under the city and can be accessed in a building near the corner of 10th Ave. and Pierce St. by taking “Elevator 4” to level “B.”

One tunnel captured on camera was more than 1/2 mile long and was labeled “Yellow Route,” another was labeled “Red Route.”

The tunnels seem to be vast and connect to other key points in the city.

AMARILLO, Tex. -- Google Maps/Intellihub
Downtown Amarillo, Tex. (Google Maps/Intellihub)
Similar tunnels have been found underneath the City of Los Angeles.

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