Military Helicopters Continue to Fly Over Chicago as Security Costs Top $65 Million
May 3, 2012

CHICAGO — The ever-increasing police state and military presence during events such as the upcoming NATO Summit in Chicago sets the precedence for troops to regularly police the civilian population in the near future.

The following tip was submitted via:

“I saw these three helicopters March 29, 2012. I live in the southwestern suburbs of Chicago.

So far that’s been the only group of three I’ve seen, but just a couple days ago, very early in May, I saw a Chinook.

I hear helicopters all the time, but I only happen to be outside or have a view of them from a window a fraction of the time. When I’m at home and actually paying attention, I hear several helicopters an hour.

Never before 2012 were there military helicopters around here on a daily basis.”

The recent military presence will likely continue to ramp up until after the event as most of the area will be on lockdown with full Nazi style checkpoints in random locations throughout the city with security costs make up the bulk of the $65 million dollar tab.

A Chicago Sun Times article excerpt reads;

Chicago has raised $36.5 million from corporate donors and identified $19.1 million in federal security grants to cover the cost of hosting the May 20-21 NATO summit, officials said Thursday.

“It absolutely means that taxpayers will not be on the hook,” said Lori Healey, executive director of the NATO Host Committee.

“The money we’ve identified from private sources and federal grants is sufficient to cover the estimated cost of the summit.”

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration had pegged the cost of hosting the NATO and G-8 summits at $40 million to $65 million.

Healey said there were “some adjustments based on fewer official movements” after President Barack Obama shifted the G-8 Summit from Chicago to Camp David.

Some train and bus stations will experience extreme security screening measures during the summit as a full scale police state is ushered into effect in the city as the summit mounts.

An excerpt from CBS Chicago reads;

Some stations on the Metra Electric Line and South Shore Line could be shut down during the upcoming NATO summit, and passengers at other stations could face airport-style security screenings, due to the Secret Service security plan that could be released as soon as Friday afternoon.

CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine has exclusive details on those security measures, which the Secret Service is expected to officially unveil on Friday, or at the very latest, on Monday. Federal officials have promised the announcement will include a “comprehensive list of street closures and parking restrictions surrounding the NATO summit.”

The Secret Service has been battling with Metra and the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District over the security measures that will be needed on the Electric and South Shore lines, which both run directly under McCormick Place.