Flashback: Military-Industrial Complex prepares mass graves for U.S. citizens


Mass grave installation operation in a cemetery in Phoenix Arizona, March, 2009. (Shepard Ambellas/Intellihub)

Intellihub Editors Note from Shepard Ambellas: 

This is my article from March 25th, 2009.

Since then I have done countless hours of research and investigation into this matter. There is no doubt in my mind that mass graves were prepared for U.S. citizens and are ready to go in case of an emergency (including an asteroid impact, bio-weapon release on the populace, or war).

Just days after I appeared on the Alex Jones Show, documents surfaced from the New York Division of Cemeteries that proved that the state had planned for mass fatalities. Mass graves were documented in Arizona, New York, and Georgia.


At the very least, the plans are in place to deal with megadeath type scenarios such as a pandemic or nuclear war.

Whether or not that scenario will be staged remains to be seen.

This article originally appeared on Infowars.com and can be viewed here.

From Infowars:

A usually quiet U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Cemetery has been extremely active, with trucks and construction equipment working throughout the night. The National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona is a beautiful 225-acre facility located in Phoenix.

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For the past 30-45 days in the early hours of the morning until sunset, a massive construction operation has been underway. Major amounts of earth have been excavated out about 9-10 feet deep and 600-1000 feet wide. There are multiple locations on the property like this. From the satellite view, there appear to be even more sections that have been covered with the concrete lids and backfilled to look as if nothing is there.

ABC rock is put in place under the burial vaults for good drainage and solid bedding. This will help keep groundwater sources uncontaminated from the decomposition of human bodies.

The cleanliness of the heavy equipment operation and the large perfect cuts of the earth is impressive. These Massive concrete boxes were transported from a nearby storage yard on various privately owned flatbed semi-trucks unloaded and put into place a half-mile away at the actual mass gravesite. They were installed tight together, side by side with no space in between.

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An interview was conducted between my friend and a truck driver involved in the operation. After beating around the bush for about ten minutes, the driver admitted: “I got paid a whole lot of money to speak good English.”

The truck driver also admitted: 

“Each burial vault holds four caskets.”

I have calculated that if no caskets were used you could fit upwards of 40 bodies or more in each one.

If these are not to contain caskets and only bodies are inserted there could be room for over 40,000 civilians bodies.

**This information is very important and should be seen by anyone doubting the existence of mass graves. At the same time, we cannot live in constant fear of the New World Order. Yes, mass graves have been constructed for the American people but living in fear will enable the powers that be to control you even more.**


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