Update: Military Movements CONUS: TIPS Thread

The Intellihub
Shepard Ambellas
June 21, 2011

The fact that over 50 NOTAM’s have been put in effect by the FAA over the past 16 days, coupled with the reported troop movements and the massive amount of full scale excursuses dovetailing together is frightening — that is the only way I can put it.

Please submit any TIP’s, photo’s or video’s to tips@dev-test.intellihub.com, and I will post them in this thread as we get them over the next 24 hours.

Here is some insight on what to look for from ;

Here are a few photos that were submitted;

The following TIP was submitted June 21, 2011;

I’ve been reading your reports about military movements and FEMA around the country.  It didn’t hit me until today with your video that had a report of seeing FEMA everywhere in the Mojave.  I have a similar report but it might not be related to your story, as there might actually be another reason they are there besides getting ready for something.  Then again, the more I think about it, the more it doesn’t make sense so I thought I would send it along.

I live in TN and travel the Southeast quite a bit for my job.  Over the past couple of months, it has been impossible to get a hotel room anywhere in the northern Alabama area.  I was told that FEMA was in the area because of the tornados that ripped through Tuscaloosa and Birmingham not long ago.  It sounded like a legitimate reason at the time, but now looking back there are a few things that don’t make sense if this is the case.

While staying at a Hilton owned property in Oxford, AL I noticed about 15 Chevy Tahoe’s with sirens and lights parked in the parking lot, along with about the same number of sedans the same color (white).  The trucks had FEMA spelled out on the side, but the vehicles didn’t have any kind of markings, just govt plates.  While I was there, I ran into two different dog teams that were obviously with the group.  They didn’t have any markings on their clothes, but it was very clear those dogs were trained and the two guys with each of them were on the same team.  Now, so far everything seems legit with the story I was told about support for tornados.  What didn’t strike me at the time was that Oxford is not just a jump skip and a hop over to Tuscaloosa, it was at least a couple of hours away, and Birmingham about an hour and 10 minutes.  Why would they stay that far away from their intended destination and have to drive that back and forth everyday.  Also, why the “Dept of Homeland” cop cars if they were just helping victims sift through rubble and making sure everyone has a place to stay?

Since that time, I’ve had to travel to northern AL several more times, and every single time it was almost impossible to get a hotel room.  My most recent trip had me in Scottsboro, AL which is in the NE quadrant of the state.  I called my favorite hotel chain for a room, and there wasn’t a hotel room within 75 miles due to all of the FEMA workers.  Even in a much larger city like Huntsville, everything was booked solid.  I even had them check sister hotel chains and every single room was booked.  Now, to most that live in big cities this may be a common occurrence, but in these small towns in the south this is VERY uncommon.  So much so that I usually don’t book my hotel room until the day of the trip for most of the places I go.

What didn’t make sense the last trip was why all of the small towns in NE Alabama had FEMA staying there.  Scottsboro, Fort Payne, Huntsville, Rome, GA all full with FEMA workers?  These towns are really far away from where the tornados hit and I can guarantee those workers aren’t driving from those places back to Birmingham or Tuscaloosa every day. Something else has to be going on…………..

As I mentioned early on, this may not have any relation to the story about movements, and could be completely legit, but it sure seems a little odd now that I’ve seen that story.



About a week ago we observed a handful of armored vehicles headed West from Grand Junction CO via train. No pic, sorry. Will carry camera on walks from now on.


Truckers Report Moving Military Equipment Across U.S, FEMA Involved! On June 20th, Joyce Riley of The Power Hour reported some startling information in regards to troop and equipment buildups in the United States.


Aircraft Communications Jammed – Alert From SteveQuayle.com

I am a commercial airline pilot with 34 years experience and 23 years of large jet aircraft flying.

I was piloting a B-737 on monday morning on a route from southern california to a point eastward and as we entered the airspace between Thermal and Blythe California I noticed that the radio chatter was rather quiet for Los Angeles airspace. Several times I heard what sounded like a scrambled signal being transmitted. Then the Air traffic controller from Los Angeles ARTCC notified us that aircraft on that frequency were unable to hear each other but were able to hear the controller on the ground only.

We are normally able to hear other air traffic for several hundred miles even on VHF just due to the fact that we are in line of sight communications. For some reason most all air to air radio communications were being scrambled or blocked completely. The signals we were able to receive were certainly scrambled and completely unintelligible. This lasted for about ten minutes at altitudes around thirty thousand feet. I know we were close to some military installations but this turns into a safety issue if this was done intentional. I am not sure what someone didn’t want us to hear or maybe it was a test of some sort.

At about 9:40 AM local today I saw a single A-10 Warthog flying low and slow straight down Indiana State Road 1 where Interstate 70 crosses it just outside Cambridge City, Indiana.

It was extremely low and actually following the slight curves in the road as it flew south, out of sight. That is not a usual thing around here.


About a week ago we observed a handful of armored vehicles headed West from Grand Junction CO via train. No pic, sorry. Will carry camera on walks from now on.


Both pics were taken 2 different days, the bradley was one of many headed West bound on I-40 just East of Nashville, about 6 months ago, we have since seen MANY.

The humvee was also about 5 months ago, notice the “NYOJTF” on the door, there was 8 of these also headed West bound on I-40 right outside of Nashville.

We have seen a large amount of older military equipment that has had brand new woodland camo paint jobs placed on them passing through the Middle TN area. One convoy spotted 2 months ago headed North bound on I-65 looked like older Russian BMP’s, they  were 6 wheeled, low profile, kinda like the new LAV-117 but not exactly like them, just similar. Some of this stuff we have not thought much about, at least until you started bringing the story to life.

The Bradley’s did not have any type of safety flags in the gun barrels, the humvee unit also had very large metal shipping containers on the flatbeds with them, 2 on each. Lot’s of military metal shipping containers passing through right now headed West bound on independent flatbed truckers trailers. Also the bradley’s and the humvees were on independent truckers trailers, not military, just passing some info. God Bless.


I shuttle vehicles around North Florida, South Alabama and South Georgia.

Over the past month I have seen large military convoys west bound on I-10. I have seen civilian flat bed semi-trucks hauling very large artillery pieces west on I-10. I have seen a N_k_ convoy on I-10 east bound. I have also seen new DHS SUV east bound on I-10 and new DHS SUV west bound on I-10 loaded on flat bed semi-trucks.

I have also seen convoys of plain paint job 4 door dually pick up trucks with shell toppers and the cabs were filled with 4 camouflaged uniformed soldiers. 3 trucks to the convoy west on I-10.

All I-10 sightings are between Pensacola and Jacksonville.

I am a bi-vocational minister and I am concerned with what I am seeing.