Military MRAP photographed on California highway as Jade Helm buildup continues


“In broad daylight with not a care in the world”

(INTELLIHUB) — In the last two months we have seen an enormous amount of information and speculation published in the lead up to Jade Helm 2015. From states being listed as hostile to random Walmart closings, the Jade Helm information stream continues to pour.

Now, photographs taken in Corona, California are adding to that speculation with a MRAP full of what looks to be U.S. Marines driving down the 1-15 freeway. At a different time the photos may be nothing more than mildly startling but with the run up to Jade Helm they may provide more evidence of coming civil unrest.

Photo Credit: Evangelist Anita Fuentes/YouTube
Photo Credit: Evangelist Anita Fuentes/YouTube
Photo Credit: Evangelist Anita Fuentes/YouTube

Yesterday we reported on suspicious videos taken inside one of the closed California Walmart shopping centers.

“Now, with massive alternative media attention on the store closures, citizens are starting to gather information on their own, including a woman who took footage inside the Pico Rivera, California Walmart. What she recorded, at the very least, warrants further investigation.

The video, which was cut after the source filming the video was asked to shut down her camera, shows police officers outside of both the front of the store and the loading docks.”

“They have now covered the windows with black tarp, surrounded the place with cops, and put up a wall up inside so no one can see whats going on past the pharmacy area.”

Commenting on the second video we wrote, “Unbelievably, the source of the above video decided to go back to the Walmart to obtain additional video footage. The second video shows, “double” the police presence. After the source came out of the store a law enforcement patrol unit was positioned behind her car.”

“Local law enforcement do not have the resources to just be doing this stuff for free and here in California they don’t even have enough officers to cover the streets at night for high crime and murders.”

There is an undeniable military buildup and training as we lead into Jade Helm 2015. Whether Jade Helm is a massive realistic training exercise to prepare for coming civil unrest or if the training itself will lead to that unrest remains unclear.

Video courtesy of DAHBOO777/YouTube

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