Milo proverbially eviscerates a reporter for “The Hill” on their own livestream

Milo upset that at”The Hill” for labeling him as “Alt-Right” which he says is “synonymous with neo-nazis”

(INTELLIHUB) — Well-dressed political commentator and author of the critically acclaimed book “Dangerous” Milo Yiannopoulos called out a reporter who works for the “The Hill” on Tuesday for trying to lump him in with the ‘Alt-Right’ despite the fact that a chapter in his book “Dangerous” is titled “Why the Alt-Right Hates Me.”

The strapping young lad went straight “scorched earth” on the Washington-based reporter while rockin’ a sassy broad-shouldered black coat with a synthetic fur collar, an eggshell colored collared shirt, several gold chains, many rings, and a gold crucifix.

To get warmed up Milo pointed out to the reporter how “The Hill” framed his Berkley event as “Alt-Right’ and cited the article which “The Hill” published.

Milo said that he has written “The Hill” on a number of occasions and said that they still manage to run his name in stories making it “synonymous” with neo-nazism.

“It’s a lie and it’s designed to suggest that I am or have some sympathy with some white nationalists or white supremacists and its fu*king disgusting,” Milo told the reporter. “Do you think it’s reasonable to call me Alt-Right given that the Alt-Right is now synonymous with neo-nazis? Do you think it’s right? Just stop doing it.”

Milo said that when someone labels someone “extreme” it means that the left thinks they are “dangerous.”

Featured Image: Screenshot via Milo/YouTube
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