Minneapolis Police precinct under siege following ‘murder’ of George Floyd

City residents took to the streets demanding equal justice for the recent police murder of a Minneapolis man

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (INTELLIHUB) — Large-scale riots broke out in the city on Tuesday following what can only be considered the murder of a man by the name of George Floyd who was pinned down to the asphalt by three police officers on Monday–one of which had his knee and all of his body weight pressed down onto Floyd’s neck critically injuring him.

Needless to say, the City of Minneapolis Police Department’s Third Precinct and the officers inside found themselves under siege on Tuesday as protestors vandalized everything they could to get revenge.

Police responded to the attack on the precinct by firing concussion grenades into the crowd to try and disperse the unruly dissidents who stand for equal justice.


Entire police cars were vandalized during the onslaught.

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Community outrage grew throughout the day as thousands upon thousands of protestors gathered en mass.

Police deployed officers later in the evening to disperse large crowds that were gathered in the streets.

Things got worse after nightfall when a protestor was shot in the head and wounded by a police projectile.

“They are tear-gassing us, right now! One protestor said. “This is fu–ing insane.”

Is this just the start? Will we see more of this to come?

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