A brief history of Monsanto, and how to avoid giving money to the criminal corporation that is responsible for the mutation of Vietnamese people, the cancer that killed people from the pollution they caused in Alabama, and many other atrocities.

deformityby Cassius Methyl
June 4, 2013

On May 25th, 2013, citizens of planet earth who were fed up with the fascist, Gaia slaughtering mega corporation Monsanto, took to the streets and participated in a global “March Against Monsanto”.

The mainstream media covered almost none of this, further illustrating that they serve the interests of the corporate elite and politicians.

Monsanto has a long, dirty track record of poisoning the planet, plants and organisms of all kinds globally with pesticides they manufactured, and now they literally make your food.

Monsanto genetically modifies corn, sues farmers who’s corn has been uncontrollably infected and pollinated by Monsanto GM corn, and has a tight grip on the United States government.

They created the poison “round up”, genetically engineered “round up ready corn” that can take horrendous amounts of the poison they also manufacture, and they are doing everything they can to monopolize corn, and food in general. Monsanto manufactured the poison DDT, dumped toxic, carcinogenic ‘PCB’s in a town in Alabama, where now countless people suffer from birth defects, stillbirths, and cancer.

Monsanto even participated in the creation of the atom bomb, as did members of the infamous Bohemian Grove. Monsanto manufactured the highly toxic chemical “Agent Orange”, and sold it to the US military, who proceeded to spray it on innocent Vietnamese people and their forests, still causing endless mutations, birth defects, as well as chromosome and genetic damage to this day.

Monsanto never gave back to these Vietnamese people, who still suffer surreal, atrocious symptoms of the poison that was sprayed on them. Vietnamese children are born every day with no arms, brain damage, and mutations that people who supported the Vietnam War could never imagine. Monsanto and its employees and supporters are war criminals, and they are wanted in Vietnam, but the charges that were filed against Monsanto were dismissed by the Supreme Court, because Monsanto is a prime definition of a fascist corporation, meaning that they have an incestuous relationship with government, and they are essentially above the law.

Michael Taylor, former Vice President of Monsanto, is now one of the highest ranking employees of the FDA, the very organization that is supposed to prevent Monsanto’s toxic food from being allowed on store shelves. Hilary Clinton used to be on the ‘Monsanto Council’ for ‘Rose Law Firm’, and essentially helped their interests along. Donald Rumsfeld, another war criminal of the Iraq War, used to be the CEO of Searle (a company who merged with Monsanto), and he successfully had the toxic sweetener ‘aspartame’ legalized. This image shows many politicians who held positions at Monsanto, and continue to advocate the criminal company’s interests at every turn.


Thanks to the global March on Monsanto, documentaries such as “The World According to Monsanto”, and activists around the world, many people fully understand the criminal and atrocious nature of this company, and many people make a conscious effort to boycott Monsanto and drive these criminals out of business. Here is an excellent list of products to avoid, most of them not so good for you, if you would like to stop paying money to the criminals at Monsanto.



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Cassius Methyl is a writer for dev-test.intellihub.com , a liberty activist in any way possible, and he plays every instrument and vocals for experimental metal / truth movement project core of a virus. Find his music here: www.facebook.com/coreofavirus