More than 100 previously deported sex offenders caught in single border sector in 2017

Rio Grande Valley Sector is a haven for sex offenders, official warn

TEXAS (INTELLIHUB) — Border Patrol officials in the Rio Grande Valley Sector report that their agents have caught more than 100 previously deported sex offenders trying to reenter the U.S. in Fiscal Year 2017.

Rio Grande Sector Spokesperson Melissa Ash told Breitbart News on Friday that since October 1, 2016 — the beginning of the fiscal year — agents apprehended 99 previously deported sex offenders. Since that time, agents have arrested at least two more sex offenders after they illegally crossed the U.S. southern border.

On Wednesday, border agents apprehended two men carrying sex crime charges during a one-hour period in separate locations in the Rio Grande sector.

border patrol detention center
Border Patrol holding detention center in Rio Grande Valley Texas (David Davies)

Bob Price of Breitbart reports:

On Wednesday morning, Border Patrol agents assigned to the Mobile Response Team working in Brooks County (Falfurrias), apprehended a Mexican national. After taking the suspect to the Falfurrias Station, a records check revealed a criminal history that includes a charge in 2007 for Aggravated Sexual Assault, Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Marlene Castro reported in a statement obtained by Breitbart Texas. He is being processed for prosecution on a charge of illegal re-entry after being deported as a sex offender.

About an hour later, McAllen Border Patrol agents working near Sullivan City, Texas, arrested a man from Guatemala. The Guatemalan national has a criminal history that includes Aggravated Sexual Battery. Castro reported the Guatemalan faced this charge in 2007.

1,100 criminal aliens have been arrested in the Rio Grande Valley Sector since the beginning of Fiscal Year 2017.

Other border sectors have also reported the arrests of previously deported sex offenders.

Border Patrol agents in the El Centro Sector of California arrested a man in late February who was previously deported after serving a 20-year prison sentence for lewd acts with a minor under 16.

In March, agents from the Tucson Sector of Arizona arrested a previously deported criminal alien who was convicted in court of raping a child in 1994. The man had been deported by Immigration and Customs Enforcement on February 9.

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