Mother of 7-Year Old Shot and Killed: ‘Weekly is a Dirty Cop’

Joseph Weekly, a Detroit cop who shot and killed 7-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones durring a botched police raid, walks free for now as the trial was declared a hung jury Tuesday.

(Image: Detroit Free Press (Video)
(Image: Detroit Free Press (Video)

By Shepard Ambellas

June 19, 2013

Weekly, the cop accused of involuntary manslaughter admitted he had shot and killed the 7-year old girl as she laid in her bed

Tuesday the jury was officially declared “hung, deadlocked” by the judge as no decision was reached.

It was reported by USA Today that, “Family members of Aiyana Stanley-Jones began crying as the Hon. Cynthia Gray Hathaway, declared a mistrial and dismissed the jury.

Aiyana was shot in the head as the Detroit Police Department’s Special Response Team executed a search warrant for a murder suspect May 16, 2010. Weekley, 37, is accused of gross negligence resulting in Aiyana’s death during a raid at a home.

Aiyana was sleeping in the front room when police entered and she was shot.

Aiyana’s mother, Dominika Stanley, was too distraught to speak after the mistrial was declared. She and other family members stood outside the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice downtown.

Aiyana’s grandmother, Mertilla Jones, told a reporter that Weekley was a liar. Jones said she never touched Weekley’s gun as he claimed during his trial testimony. Weekley had testified he unintentionally pulled the trigger of his gun after another person hit his weapon.”

“This is not an easy matter to address, and probably even a tougher matter to decide”, the Judge said. Only one member of the jury came forth saying that they would be able to make a decision.

The mother of the 7-year old girl who was shot and killed says that Weekly is a “dirty cop”, claiming she was, “nowhere near Joseph Weekly when the gun went off”. Weekly testified that the mother of the dead 7-year old girl was in close proximity and ‘bumped his gun’ causing it to discharge unintentionally.







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