MSNBC: Chris Kyle had ‘racist tendencies toward Iraqi’s and Muslims’, went on ‘killing sprees’

MSNBC reporter startles staff calling the late Chris Kyle a racist

(INTELLIHUB) On a recent broadcast of MSNBC’s Morning Joe show, Ayman Mohyeldin was talking about the new Clint Eastwood film American Sniper.

At first Mohyeldin started off by saying that American Sniper is a “great movie”, “tremendously entertaining”, it has “a lot of value”, it’s a “very thought-provoking, very emotional movie.”

But when you look at it from the perspective of “the real Chris Kyle” and “what has emerged” it’s “very far from reality.”

Mohyeldin went on to talk about stories of Kyle back in Texas and how he viewed Iraq and the people in Iraq.

He had “racist tendencies towards Iraqi’s and Muslims as he was going on these killing sprees.”

The Morning Joe host was dumbfounded by Mohyeldin’s comments.

Video Source: Washington Free Beacon/YouTube