‘MSNBC reporter and others essentially conduct B&E at terror suspects home, fall for bogus FBI planted evidence’: Youtuber

Staged up crime scene appears to contain bogus FBI planted evidence, Youtuber finds

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REDLANDS, Calif. (INTELLIHUB) — Would the FBI have planted evidence in the alleged mass shooters home to create a certain political outcome?

“I’m sitting here in shock. […] something is just really wrong. […] It’s almost like the government is testing to see how stupid people are. Or they are distracting us,” said the voice on a video posted to the HowISeeIt YouTube channel Saturday. The comment was in regards to “the reporters ransacking” the suspects home during what should have been an open FBI crime scene investigation.

It was almost as if the reporters conducted breaking and entering of sorts.

“This is all just to keep us busy while they do other more important things,” the video’s narrator said.

“If they were ISIS terrorists than um I would think that the crime scene would be a lot more important then a scene where maybe there was a body found. If anything they would have been equal,” the voice on the video stated.

“It’s just mind-boggling.”

The FBI literally left behind shredded documents, a check, passports, and other important evidence that definitely would have been included in a real investigation. And to top it all off reporters were allowed to roam free while broadcasting live on air through an active crime scene. This is just ludicrous people. There is something wrong here.

“The official, the mainstream media whores, are telling us that they have taken everything they need from this apartment of the terrorists.”

“Look at this. Reporters just go through these people apartment,” the narrator said while playing a clip of an MSNBC rummaging through the suspects personal belongings in what would under normal circumstances be considered breaking and entering.


The voice in the video also pointed out how the MSNBC reporter even found “a check.”

Later on in the video the MSNBC reported can be seen going into the suspects bathroom where here found “family pictures.”

“The FBI doesn’t need photographs from the terrorists house?”

“Are you hearing this people.”

“But it gets even better. Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole,” the narrator asks before pressing play again on the MSNBC broadcast being shown in the vid.

During the broadcast the MSNBC reporter  found “two books that appear to be the Quran” along with a “California Driver’s License” and other documents and paraphernalia strung across the suspects bed. However the entire crime scene appeared to be planted or left for the media to openly, film, report while at the same time contaminating the so-called crime scene.

“This is very important. And we have to call them on it,” the voice said.

During the MSNBC broadcast the reporter and others can clearly be seen looking at a “typical calendar” and other items, including “a prayer rug,” which can be seen in the suspects living room.

“The FBI must have decided that anything left in here wasn’t important,” said the reporter while showing the camera shreddings from documents. However anyone with a brain would know that this whole situation doesn’t make any sense.

jonathon kiner/YouTube

“We have a check here from Chase to Sayd Farook for $7.98,” the reporter said before continuing to show random computer equipment.

A baby crib, toys, and unwrapped gifts; “all the thing you would expect to find in a child’s room,” said the reporter.

The reporter also came across a school book that had the words “Arabic reader” on it.

Do you think the crime scene was staged by the FBI to let reporters ‘find evidence?’


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