MSNBC smears Roger Stone over Wikileaks DMs

Left-wing media publicizes political operative Roger Stone’s communications with Wikileaks in a negative way

(INTELLIHUB) — The liberals down at MSNBC have launched an attack against former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone, calling him out for exchanging direct messages on Twitter with the controversial organization Wikileaks.

According to an MSNBC commentator, Stone may have had quite the back and forth with Wikileaks in the run up to the 2016 Presidential Election and even had contact with the agency the day after Donald Trump won.

A mock-up graphic presentation published on Morning Joe Wednesday reads:

Roger Stone and Wikileaks private Twitter Messages:

October 15, 2016: Stone tells Wikileaks, “Figure out who your friends are.”

November 9, 2016: Wikileaks DMs Stone after Trump is elected, “Happy? We are now more free to communicate.”

MSNBC admits that there are no communications between Stone and Wikileaks which suggest Stone acted on behalf of the Trump campaign when he communicated with Julian Assange’s organization.

Roger Stone is a frequent guest on The Alex Jones Show which is the number one Internet radio show in the world.

Featured Image: Screenshot via Fox News/YouTube
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