MSNBC’s Chris Matthews claims no one coming after guns as media openly pushes for confiscation


Establishment talking head apparently thinks Americans are stupid

By Alex Thomas

(INTELLIHUB) — In the wake of the most recent mass shooting in America multiple prominent liberal news outlets have openly pushed for and “dreamed” about enacting Australian style gun control in the United States which would lead to the attempted forceful confiscation of millions of legally purchased firearms.

This startling fact has been well documented here at Intellihub with two key reports published in the last week detailing both the calls for gun confiscation and the subsequent banning of all handguns and rifles in the country.

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Despite the undeniable fact that numerous highly trafficked news websites as well as multiple mainstream media pundits are now openly calling for the total end of the 2nd Amendment, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews decided to insult the intelligent of his (dwindling) audience by absurdly claiming that no one is coming after guns during a segment attacking controversial comments made by presidential candidate Ben Carson.

“By the way, no one is talking about talking guns away, so who is he (Carson) talking about,” claimed Matthews before his guest ironically talks about Carson being factually incorrect.

Remember, liberal leaning websites such as Slate are literally running articles pushing Australian style gun control in America right now yet Matthews apparently either genuinely believes his audience to be dumb or hasn’t gotten the memo that the media is no longer covering up the real gun control agenda.

Even more blatant, CNN recently allowed a liberal poet and college professor to publish an op-ed that calls for making the possession of all handguns and rifles a felony.

“Eventually Parini gets to the crux of his and the many who share his views on the lefts agenda which is the confiscation of millions of legally owned firearms under the threat of government attack and subsequent outlawing of all handguns and rifles.

Let me dream for a moment: I would much prefer to live in a country where only hunters who pass appropriately strict tests for mental competence and a knowledge of gun safety can still acquire rifles that are appropriate for hunting. Handguns and assault rifles would be banned, period.

Banned. Period. There you have it folks, CNN letting a hard left authoritarian use their platform to “dream” about disarming America. It gets worse.

So let’s get rid of guns in this country, once and for all, making it a felony to possess a handgun or assault rifle. Over a period of years, illegal guns will gradually disappear. Guns don’t kill people, as they say. People who acquire guns — legally or illegally — do. And we should make it extremely difficult for them to get their hands on these weapons.”

At this point it should be perfectly clear that the liberal gun control agenda involves mass confiscation (which runs the very real possibility of starting a new civil war) and the banning of owning all firearms in the United States.

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