Musician with Apparent Rothschild Banking Heritage Snags Unexpected Grammy Nomination


By JG Vibes
December 10, 2012

Traditionally the Rothschild banking dynasty has kept a low profile and remained out of the public eye as much as possible. If the public were even to realize who they were and what their role was in global affairs, then no one would be paying any attention to the politicians, because it is the Rothschilds and a handful of other aristocratic dynasties that pull the politician’s strings behind the scenes.

When you hear that an elusive aristocrat has entered the public realm, you would typically expect news of another Rockefeller in the senate, or maybe even a Rothschild cutting a ribbon to one of their public relations con jobs.  The last thing that you would expect to see is someone from the illustrious Rothschild family trolling the Grammy awards by pushing his way into the nominations.  Yet, according to some reports that’s exactly what happened this week when an unheard of musician by the name of Al Walser snagged an unexpected Grammy nomination as a result of his connections and his ability to vote for himself as a nominee.

According to his Wikipedia Page:

“Alexander Walser-Rothschild (born July 16, 1982), known professionally as Al Walser, is a Swiss-born Liechtensteinian singer, songwriter, DJ and record producer. Walser first gained fame as a member of German Eurodance group Fun Factory. His 2012 single “I Can’t Live Without You” was nominated for a Grammy Award in the field of Best Dance Recording.”

Liechtenstein is a tiny country between Austria and Switzerland that has many times throughout history served as a hide out of sorts for aristocratic families escaping persecution or stashing away their looted money.  The Rothschild banking dynasty is deeply entrenched in this area, even more so than they are in the rest of Europe.  While it is not yet confirmed that Walser is one of those Rothschilds, there are many people claiming that he is, and it is very possible that this is the case.  But there are also others like us at The Intellihub who are attempting to track his lineage to see if there is a specific blood connection that we can explicitly identify.

One thing that is rather disturbing on the Wikipedia page is Walser’s claim that he is the first biracial citizen of Liechenstein.  If that is the case it is sad to see that this place is so far behind the times despite the immense amount of wealth and culture in their society.

The page gives very little details on his direct lineage, saying only that:

“Walser was born in Lausanne, Switzerland on July 16, 1982 to a Congolose father and a Swiss mother”

However, we are currently investigating the story and the lineage to see if there is in fact a direct biological connection that we can prove.  Since the Grammy nominations, claims of his blood connection spread like wildfire across the internet, but as of yet nothing has been 100% substantiated.  To be fair, sometimes these bloodlines are obscured a bit for the public to cover up signs of inbreeding, but then in other cases they are very easy to identify.

Walser does seem to have some connections in some high places, having more “chance encounters” with politicians and high level media tycoons than most actual celebrities do.  The following picture of Walser with Hillary Clinton was posted to his website, along with the picture of Obama shown above the article.

Electronic Dance Music has been growing in popularity over the past decade, and in recent years has gotten attention from mainstream outlets like the Grammys.  This has been a bittersweet thing for many EDM fans and producers, myself included, because although it is great to finally get recognition, many of us are well aware that our once underground art form is about to become a corporate commodity, and there will be acts thrown into the spotlight who will make the entire culture look like a joke.  If that time hadn’t already come, then it certainly has now.

I don’t pay attention to the Grammys, never have, and i never will, but this is interesting to me on so many levels.  First off, as an EDM fan and entrepreneur in the industry for about 5 years i can appreciate how absolutely horrible the music of “Al Walser” is, and how out of place it is for a nomination in that genre.  Secondly, he claims Rothschild heritage and there are pictures of him all over the place hanging out with the likes of Barack Obama and Michael Jackson.  Not only that but he is also reported to have some sort of ambassador status in his native country of Liechtenstein, which as i explained earlier is a haven for criminal mercantilist aristocrats.

This is the entry from the bio on his website that mentions his ambassador status:

“For culturally enriching the Los Angeles Community and bridging his native country Liechtensteins business sectors to California, Los Angeles Sherif Lee Bacca awarded Al Walser for his Goodwill Ambassador work.”

It seems that he is well connected enough with the business sector in Liechtenstein to arrange some sort of deal with the government of Los Angeles, but details of this ambassadorship are largely a mystery.

He may have been putting out music for a while, but no one in the music industry has any idea who this guy is.  His Facebook page has less than 2,000 fans, and i cannot stress how bad this music is… just see for yourself:

This “hit video” only had around 5,000 views on YouTube before he was nominated, but it is likely to be growing now that people are sharing the video for a laugh with their friends.

Fans of EDM worldwide are offended by this nomination, not because they care about the Grammys, but because they don’t want to be represented by a clown like this.  For people who may be curious of what a good representation is, artists like Aphrodite, Porter Robinson, Dub FX or Hixxy have much more original, well produced music than this guy, and most of them will never see a Grammy.  Not only that, most of them are conscious about the world around them and are using their music as a platform to speak out against the injustices that they see.  It doesn’t look like Walser will be doing anything like that anytime soon.

None of those artists had the luxury of nominating themselves for a Grammy, but believe it or not Al Walser did have that ability, because as he told Vice he is a member of the recording academy and did vote for this years Grammy nominees.

He also told Vice of his encounter with Obama, saying that:

“I don’t know if you know, but I happen to be from one of the smallest countries in the world, Liechtenstein. And I happen to be the first bi-racial from that country. I met Obama the first time at a fundraiser and we hit it off. He couldn’t believe I was from Liechtenstein, and you know, my mom was white and my dad is black, just like with him, and I grew up with my white family, just like him. There was a connection over being bi-racial. We hit it off. We had a really cool chat. It was great, he’s a great guy, I loved him.”

A few years ago Walser posted the following blog talking about his connections with Obama and Michael Jackson:

“With the phenomenal success of presidential hopeful Barack Obama, the tiny alpine country of Liechtenstein has sent their first bi-racial ambassador of goodwill to America. Al Walser has met with Obama to discuss how the two men’s bi-racial background has been received in several different American states and in other countries.

Walser shared his own experiences as a bi-racial music and dance celebrity, and explained how ignorance can lead to false presumptions. Walser detailed how his own country of Liechtenstein is unfairly seen as a tax haven used for money laundering by Americans who do not want to pay taxes or who obtain money through illegal means. Walser would like the help of a President Obama in reinventing the small country’s image as all of America ‘s good friend. Walser is encouraging Obama if elected to make his first official trip to his country of Liechtenstein .

Lichtenstein has only 35,000 residents, but Walser says the candidate is considering an official visit if elected to show that like individual citizens, small countries matter and have a crucial role in creating the “change” that the Obama administration believes in.  The meetings have captured the attention of another famous American! Talk show host Jay Leno has invited Al Walser to The Tonight Show to share insight and stories of his country and his hope of improving relations between the two countries and relationships between races.

Walser came into the spotlight when pop star Michael Jackson was searching for a family home in Liechtenstein. Walser’s work as an artist and Goodwill Ambassador has been generating a lot of buzz in the U.S. bringing him into constant contact with high profile celebrities, politicians and business people. Al Walser is quickly surpassing celebrities in Internet searches on popular sites such as youtube, itunes, and myspace.”

If Walser is indeed a member of the Rothschild banking dynasty, he is probobly the least modest in recently memory, he even once conducted an interview with himself, where he discussed how rich he was.  The “interview” read in part:

“I took a moment to talk with Al a little about how the perception of others thinking he’s just a rich kid in Hollywood, affects him.  He assured me that he is grounded in who he is and he is just proud of his lineage and wants to represent his country well.  He also told me that he recently had a chance to meet Barack Obama and you could see the gleam in his eye as he was speaking about his chance encounter.  I have to say that Al’s posture and demeanor is very down to earth and he doesn’t put on airs.  I have seen him at events before and hes just very low-keyed even though he could probobly buy out the place.  Hes an attractive guy with a non-threatening lean physique, which plays out big on camera.  On this night he was wearing his own clothing line, pinkish lavender shirt and jeans.  Al reminds me of a young Sinatra or la Lopez’ Mark Anthony.”

This insane 3rd person rant reveals a man consumed with ego, and it gets even worse.  His antics apparently also include pulling up in a Lamborghini at an empty night club, paying people to follow him around with cameras, and wearing a spacesuit with his name on it.  Just a quick Google search for this guy could result in hours of laughs.

It makes way too much sense for Al Walser to be a blue blood Rothschild, due to his wealth and attitude, as well as his multifaceted connections and location of origin.  The Rothschilds and many other aristocratic families are known to engage in very strict breeding practices where their genes are spread across multiple “houses” and family lines that carry different surnames.  Given the background that Al Walser has put forward so far it doesn’t seem to be too much of a stretch to suggest that he is the result of one of these breeding arrangements.  Definitive proof one way or the other has yet to be uncovered, but this is a highly suspect situation and we will be investigating this new possible lead in the Rothschild family mystery.


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