My first donation

Shepard Ambellas is proud to announce he has received his first donation

(SHEPARD AMBELLAS) — The donation was made by “Lipper” [2010] and will be used for some much needed office supplies and printer ink. Thank You – Lipper!

Your donations are an important part as you know the listeners are the only thing that makes the our operation possible to continue.

I myself am dedicated to the success of humanity. When I say success, I mean reaching a vast audience. I want to inform people of current issues not covered by the mainstream, enlighten people to operations that are going on under our noses. And ultimately expose the New World Order’s evil plans and agendas.

With the listers help this will be very possible. I also want to thank everyone who has been attending my site and watching my shows. Allot of you offer great solutions to problems and incredible support. I also want to thank our blog writers who are involved in the fight and help make the world what it is.
Thanks to all for the support.

NotForSale2NWO — Shepard Ambellas