(INTELLIHUB) — Over the past several years we have all heard the oft-repeated mantra that “Black Lives Matter.” After living abroad as a white person, and a minority, I was puzzled by this.

When I returned to the United States after nearly half a decade abroad, I was also puzzled by “White Privilege” and had to do an internet search to find out just why I was blessed with this new phenomenon. I was ready to cash in and was rather upset that I hadn’t exploited the privilege-loophole at an earlier date.

I was baffled when I couldn’t find any websites instructing me on how to take advantage of the special, color-related benefits I was supposedly entitled to.

Now before I continue, let me state for the record that this article is an opinion piece and is in no way an expression of IntelliHub. I simply wanted to go on record in response to “White Privilege, Minority Privilege and the smattering-of-whose-lives-be-a-mattering.”


Can we start with white people and privilege?

To commence, I do not believe in “White Privilege.” Why? Because I have never seen a white person before. To me most of the less-than-black or coffee-colored individuals seem to have an off-pink hue. Short of a cadaver, I have never seen a white person. And that color descriptor is about as elusive as the ephemeral “white privilege.”

How are white people privileged?

We pay the same for health care, being white (or pink, as the case may be) has never gotten me a discount at a restaurant and despite Bernie Sanders assertions that white people do not know what it is like to be poor, Appalachia is an example that even white people (and yes, the pink ones too), suffer from the same financial and educational dilemmas that afflict other “minorities.”

The last time I registered for a program at a university, I diligently searched for the pink box to check after discovering that I was not considered a Native American despite being born in the United States. And then I discovered that since I was not black, nor a Native American, nor a Pacific Islander, that my life apparently didn’t matter, since I was not provided a “safe space,” nor any special scholarship opportunities.

I began to frequent the beach and tanning salon in the hopes of applying as a trans-racial, but that idea did not seem to fly with either the Department of Education, or my University. I petitioned several times, stating that in reality, even though I was not black, I was not white either. Both of my parents seemed to be an off-pink color as well, but I still couldn’t get any special scholarships, a restaurant discount or my own “safe space.”

Attempts to start an all-pink or all-white fraternity or organization were also quickly curtailed due to being racist. I am also puzzled by the fact that while there are racial quotas in certain circumstances, the NBA and NFL have failed to maintain a proportionate balance of either white people or pink people to the rest of the population. Isn’t that racist?

And then there are the issues of being pulled over in not so savory neighborhoods for P.W.D. or W.W.D. That stands for Pink-While-Driving, or White-While-Driving. I have been ordered out of the car at gunpoint, the police did not serve me coffee as I waited leaned up against my trunk in the glare of cruiser lights, and I never even attempted to berate any of the officers with the slightest profanity.

When the power of the state grows exponentially and strays from being a democracy into the realm of being a police state, very simply put – “All Lives Matter.” To assume that one has special privilege due to their color is a joke. Try finding an all-pink club, scholarships for a white person, a “white person’s music award ceremony,” a white quota for the NBA, or special-treatment-for-being-white during a traffic stop or while in court.

The last time I was pulled over for speeding I tried the “don’t-give-me a ticket-and-holster-your-gun-because-I-am-white” line, but it didn’t work. The judge did not seem to recognize my white privilege either. I was required to pay the ticket and my adamancy to do so almost landed me a contempt charge, despite my color-based privilege.

Bernie Sanders is wrong. White people know about being poor, about being hungry, about being pulled over and ordered out of the car at gunpoint. We know about taking our loose change to the change-counting machine to be able to pay for two-days of food or the cell-phone bill.

In this day and age, white people (pinkies), black, people, Native Americans, Asians and those blue fellows, all bleed and sweat the same color. In short, we all face trials and tribulations in life, despite what either Bernie or Hillary says.

If there is a white privilege application, or special box I am supposed to check whilst applying for a credit card, I haven’t found it. Indeed I have been tempted to refer to myself as a Native American on a government job application since I was born here in the United States.

The last time I went to an NBA playoff game, I found myself offended that there were no Asian or white players on the team. When I demanded a safe space, the arena management told me that there was no such thing and two black police officers who were called to “assist” me, told me that if I did not return to my seat, that I would be forced to leave the premises. When I told them that I had white privilege, they laughed and escorted me to the front door.

Let’s face it. In today’s world, all lives matter and we all face difficulties regardless of race, ethnicity and religion. Claiming that one group or another has special privilege or an easier life is absurd. And indeed when it comes to scholarships and government jobs, one is better off being a Native American or African American than they are being “white,” despite all of our “privilege.”

In my opinion, the only privileged people in the U.S. with special power and benefits are the politicians. The next time I get pulled over or do something illegal, I am going to try and pull the Hillary Clinton card. Do you think that will work?

And for the record, I am quite open about being a bit racist. I am sorry, but I can’t help myself. Even though I am a white fellow (or an off-color pinkie as the case may be), I am partial to Hispanic and black women. Those pinkies just don’t do it for me.

About the Author:

The author of this article, who prefers to use the nom de plume “XKeyscore” in order to maintain his anonymity, is a Doctoral Candidate and multiglot with two Master’s Degrees and a Baccalaureate specializing in Middle Eastern Studies. He holds one Master’s Degree specializing in Intelligence and Counter-intelligence operations, and a second Master’s Degree in Security Studies. XKeyscore has studied under a United States intelligence agency analyst and now-retired, high ranking, American military officers. XKeyscore writes exclusively for Intellihub News & Politics. Read more articles by this author here.

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