N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory to be subpoenaed by grand jury in ‘criminal investigation’


After receiving over $1M in campaign contributions from Duke Energy, corporate puppet and elected Gov. Pat McCrory may now be in hot water as a new scandal has surfaced

By Shepard Ambellas

RALEIGH , NORTH CAROLINA (INTELLIHUB) — Gov. Pat McCrory, who received over $1m in campaign contributions from Duke Energy (the company responsible for the recent third largest toxic fly ash spill in U.S. history), may be in hot water very soon as a grand jury has subpoenaed the N.C. Dept. of Environmental and Natural Resources and Duke Energy under felony suspicion.

To no surprise, the governor’s name likely appears on some of those documents, showing that governmental corruption is currently alive and well in America. After all, not only did the governor work for Duke Energy for some 27-years before becoming an elected official of the state, but he knowingly accepted campaign contributions from the corrupt energy giant, likely in return for future favors. Some say that one of those favors the rather light $99,111 settlement recently imposed on Duke Energy (not yet paid) under the Clean Water Act for a previous 39,000 ton spill of fly ash.

The Sacramento Bee reported:

Lawyers for the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources asked a judge to disregard their proposed settlement with the nation’s largest electricity provider. Under the deal, Duke would have paid fines of $99,111 over groundwater pollution leaking from two coal dumps like the one that ruptured Feb. 2.


The state’s letter came one day after a story by The Associated Press in which environmentalists criticized the arrangement as a sweetheart deal aimed at shielding Duke from far more expensive penalties the $50 billion company might face under the federal Clean Water Act. The settlement would have required Duke to study how to stop the contamination, but included no requirement for the company to actually clean up its dumps near Asheville and Charlotte.

“DENR asks this court to hold in abeyance any further consideration of the proposed consent order while DENR undertakes a comprehensive review of all North Carolina coal ash facilities in view of the recent coal ash release into the Dan River,” said the state’s letter to Wake County Superior Court Judge Paul Ridgeway, a copy of which was obtained by the AP. “DENR will advise the court when it has completed this additional review of North Carolina coal ash facilities and the requirements of the proposed consent order.”

But some question if the legalities will eventually go much further as more claims of corruption have surfaced.

When filing a citizens environmental lawsuit under the Clean Water Act in North Carolina, a notice to the state is required to be filed which gives state prosecutors 60-days to decide whether or not to step in, becoming the plaintiffs themselves. Interestingly enough, on the 58th day the state intervened, becoming the new plaintiff as reported Wednesday by Intellihub News. This maneuver essentially gave Duke Energy an affordable pass to continue their environmentally unfriendly operations, which proved to be disastrous recently when massive amounts of toxic sludge and fly ash were spilled into the Dan River near Eden.

Now some, including locals, are demanding answers–wondering why their elected officials are in bed with large corporations.

According to reports, the Clean Water Act has helped citizens convey their message to corporations in the past, however with Duke Energy being the largest energy provider in the U.S., the imposed fine simply is not enough to make them even bat an eye.

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  • Douglas Hotchkiss

    he’s not the governor, he’s the Duke of the carolina

  • bad to the bone

    Don’t be silly – he’s a barely educated human/rodent hybrid that sucks toxic sludge from the members of corporate America!

  • lili

    so true.

  • ubmediagroup

    more criminal shit, when will people learn all politicians are scum?

  • Geppetto

    Now THIS puts a big ol’ smile on my face.

  • nobody555

    Huge misuse of the word ‘fascism’ early in the article, other than that, great, keep revealing these scumbags.

  • David R

    they gave $1M to McCrory, they gave $10m the democrat party…got to cover both bases right Duke?

  • Douglas Hotchkiss

    politicians should have their asses checked for tattoos to see who’s bitch they are.

  • Mike Pagner

    It is the “Democratic Party” not the “Democrat Party”. And do you have a source for your claim?

  • miserableoldfart

    What kind of people would elect bloodsuckers like that to high office? It’s really sad.

  • yourmom

    that’s some nice police work there, Lou

  • Jon John
  • David R

    yup…Jon beat me to it.

  • squillaempusa

    exactly. we still have idiots goin around telling people to vote straight democrat to fix the problems we have.

  • Jack Hammer

    This article is about a REPUBLICAN Governor sheltering big business that is ruining rivers in NC and, somehow, voting Democrat is the problem? Do you realize how incredibly stupid your comment is? You Teabilly Meatjackers never fail to out-stupid yourselves.

  • squillaempusa

    i’m not a teabilly. i used to only vote democrat. just because people are starting to wake up and realize democrats are just about as bad republicans, doesn’t mean they are “teabilly meatjackers”, but it does make people like you brainwashed idiots, who blindly follow your party. i guess you think it’s ok that Obama signed the Monsanto Protection Act, because he’s a democrat? do you even know what it is?? newsflash; republicans aren’t the only ones that are corrupt. ever hear of Ray Nagin? he’s the DEMOCRAT ex-mayor of New Orleans, who has just been found guilty of corruption. so yes sheep, voting strictly democrat can be a problem.

  • Jack Hammer

    All of those things you say are true. But can we not , just once , talk about what one party is doing with out some supposed “independent” coming along and using the other party to demonstrate what the problem is. Are you suggesting that the reason why this bought off hack is the governor of NC and completely bought off by a large energy company, that is polluting rivers, is because people vote strictly Democrat? And while you call me a brainwashed idiot, I’ve never voted straight along party lines in my life. My objection to the Teaparty is because, they have driven the reasonable people out of politics and they make us, middle aged white people look like ignorant savages. But I voted for Bush Sr. And I voted for some Republicans up until mid-Clinton years. It was at that point that I saw the strategy of SC political operative Lee Atwater unfold itself with Newt Gingrich’s Republican Revolution. With each passing year since, more and more, the reasonable voices in politics are less and less. I can’t think of any Republican that I have voted for statewide or in most congressional races since 2000, although I did vote for Mark Sanford when he made his comeback. I was convinced by a staffer on his campaign that was reacting to a piece of hate mail I sent. He laid out some of Sandford’s economic policies, as well as his agenda concerning wildlife and nature and got my vote.

  • squillaempusa

    i hear ya. i went on the offense when you called me a teabilly meatjacker. originally i was responding to the person above who said, ” more criminal shit, when will people learn all politicians are scum”? i was agreeing with her. i was voicing my opinion which is, just because a politician is a dem, doesn’t make him/her any better than a horrible republican. like you said, reasonable voices in politics are diisappearing.

  • ipragmatist

    Just about as bad as Republicans? Wow….you need to lower the fluoride in your water son.

  • Guest

    ipragmatist, i think you are the one who needs to lower your fluoride intake buddy! maybe cut down on your MSNBC as well.

  • squillaempusa

    ipragmatist, i think you are the one who needs to lower your fluoride intake buddy! maybe cut down on your MSNBC as well.

  • calvin

    seriously, this was even covered on the alphabet networks………the Demoncrat party stuck Duke power for a 10,000,000 loan and refused to pay it back

  • ltmainer

    Look for more and more corrupt Tea Party governors to fall, too. Long overdue.

  • MiMiLL


  • hd95

    google “Obama biggest recipient of BP cash” and explain your selective outrage

  • hd95

    google “Obama biggest recipient of BP cash” and explain your selective outrage

  • Bryan O’Quinn

    politicians are just like you … we just know their names

  • Jeff Turner

    McCrory should be thrown in to the Dan River.