N. Korean prisoner Kenneth Bae reaches out to U.S. government asking for help


A new video has surfaced from North Korea, turning captured American missionary Kenneth Bae into a political bargaining chip

By Shepard Ambellas

PYONGYANG (INTELLIHUB) — At a guarded press conference, American missionary Kenneth Bae, 45,  said that he hopes the U.S. government will do everything they can to secure his release.

“I want to ask them to give me direct assistance not in words but by action”, Bea said in front of the N. Korean cameras.

Some say that Bae was likely forced to read a script while under duress, however that claim has not been substantiated and may not be true.

Surprisingly, Bae admitted in the press conference that he was treated well by the North Korean government.

Bae, wearing a prison smock bearing the no. 103 on it, seems to be in fairly good physical condition.

It is not yet known how the western media will spin this situation, however rest assured propaganda will be in full swing.

Fox New reported:

Last month, North Korea freed American Merrill Newman, an 85-year-old veteran of the Korean War who had traveled to the country with a tour group and was arrested for alleged crimes during the 1950-53 war. North Korean state media claimed Newman was freed because he apologized in a videotaped confession for his wrongdoing and that authorities also considered his age and medical conditions. Newman said after his release that the confession was given involuntarily and under duress, although he was generally treated well.

North Korea has detained at least seven Americans since 2009. They include two reporters for Current TV who crossed into North Korea while working on a story and were later freed after former President Bill Clinton traveled there to meet with Kim Jong Il, the former leader whose son, Kim Jong Un,  now rules the communist dictatorship.

This all comes after a recent basketball exhibition which was held inside N. Korea on Kim Jung-Un’s birthday went rather well, making some question if N. Korea is warming up to the rest of the world.

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman was responsible for organizing the event.

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