Nader: They’ve turned us […] into spectators *VIDEO*

We Are Change/YouTube

Nader speaks about the current presidential debate fiasco

By Staff Writer

(INTELLIHUB) — “It’s sort of the latest mutation of a circus,” Ralph Nader responded to a We Are Change reporter when asked about the 2016 presidential race.

“Twitter brains and Twitter exchanges do not produce a vibrant economical democratic society.”, said Nader.

“They’ve turned us […] into spectators.”

“[…] they are going to anoint another Bush with a right-winged Vice President beholden both to Wall Street and the Corporate Estate.”

The landscape “is certainly a change from recent Presidential Elections, Bernie is raising many millions of dollars in small denominations […] and of course Trump is self-funded.”

Nader also spoke on the power of organizing on a local level saying, “[…] If just one-percent of the voters would organize in their living rooms and present their own agendas […] you would be surprised of the dynamics.”

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